How Missouri Are You?

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kto688 said:
Aug 3 '13, 11:19AM

Where are the correct answers, according to you?

alexxiaa said:
Apr 7 '13, 7:57PM

I have lived in Missouri for 13 years! Btw, what does Wal-Mart have to do with it?

rayasunshine said:
Dec 18 '12, 1:39AM

78% not bad for an old Mo gal... hey thought 78% not that good ,but guessing i should be good with that,since well got over 75 right ?! well xoxo gotta love our state ...

StepifoR said:
Oct 6 '12, 1:55PM

Wtf!! How am I 60% I lived there my whole life! I got evry thing right to!
B ird:bluejay
Tree:d ogwood
City:Jeffer son


tenten16 said:
Sep 3 '12, 7:20PM

I got a 66% and lived in Missouri for 10 years! No, no, and no! And okra has nothing to do with it. I love Missouri!

eas1033 said:
Jul 11 '12, 11:53PM

i got 44% and i live in missouri my entire life
and the last time i checked we dont have accents!

May 29 '12, 2:40AM

i cant believe u said im only 60% missouri ive lived in missouri my entire life and i luv missouri more than anything except 4 mayb dance but still no1 says im not full missouri i would rather b in missouri 4eva than never be able 2 leave it

Unikat2 said:
Feb 25 '12, 4:41AM

42% I've lived in MO all of my life and hunting, okra, and acents have not been around a lot.

GrannyB said:
Feb 10 '12, 2:54AM

I only got a 68%. I taught Missouri history for 30 years, lived here 65 years, speak perfect English, and am an extremely proud 100% Missourian.

NinjaPotato said:
Sep 2 '11, 8:01PM

I was BORN, RAISED, AND CURRENTLY LIVE in Missouri! You fail. I got 89%. Those things are COMPLETELY stereotypical. Not everyone has supper. Some have what we Missourians like to call "dinner" and good day to you, pardon me, good day to "YA'LL" sir -_____-

kantuno said:
Jul 9 '11, 3:37PM

I live in missouri and i got 48%

Ryebread91 said:
Jun 30 '11, 12:03AM

Your "state bird" is incorrect its the blue jay not blue bird.
Quiz fail

Did enjoy it though

Puppy said:
May 21 '11, 10:49AM

I am 2 Missouri u r just wrong! HAHAHA! grrr

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