How Missouri Are You?

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Firestar76788 said:
Nov 17 '14, 8:30AM

42% but im 10 and have not asked enough Q/A.

emmy109 said:
Oct 11 '14, 1:00PM

im from oklahoma

Jack Huston said:
Sep 14 '14, 8:43PM

I have lived in Missouri my entire life (19 years) and I got a 44%.

Missiourigirl said:
Sep 14 '14, 4:19PM

This quiz is so stupid! No one I know has an accent. And I lived In Missouri my whole life, and I got 30%

xzeeko said:
May 7 '14, 6:31PM

I got a 10% and lived here my whole life aha

meat1790 said:
Mar 17 '14, 2:05PM

I got a 15% and lived here my whole life. People from St. Louis and Kansas City won't get the same answer as a farmer.

meat1790 said:
Mar 17 '14, 2:03PM

This quiz is terrible you dont even know where Missouri is.

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