How mental are you?

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rheascug said:
Nov 30 '15, 8:36PM

Not fully mental because i get good grades at school. lol

Parabola04 said:
Jun 22 '15, 3:55PM

You are 0% mental!

My score:


Con gragulations! You are not mental at all! You are a cimpletely sensible, down to earth person, and if you are mental, then no one, except your parents, will notice it. Bask in your unmentallness!

However, I must say this quiz is inaccurate just like all of the psychology quizzes; it was nevertheless fun!

__imgivingup__ said:
Jun 8 '15, 6:16PM

87% because i have seen a therapist and i just took this quiz..

AcidWolf said:
Jul 28 '14, 2:04AM


doctorwhogirl said:
Nov 1 '13, 8:24PM

I'm 54% mental! I think......... I like cheese!

chomikk said:
Nov 23 '12, 9:22PM

54%.... Seems legit haha

whycare said:
May 14 '11, 3:23PM

O_O 50% mental

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