How Maidenhead are you ?

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Just how Maidenhead are you? It's just a bit of fun - but if you're between 30 and 130 you'll hopefully have a bit of fun seeing just how much of Maidenhead runs through your blood

Maidenhead is a large town and unparished area in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, in Berkshire, England. It lies on the west bank of the River Thames (having shortly upstream been the south bank) and is 25.7 miles (41.4 km) west of Charing Cross in London as well as having a mainline station set to be the terminus of the Crossrail line.

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Under 18 Years Old
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25 to 30 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Isambard Kingdom Brunel built..?
The Bath Road
The Sounding Arch (railway bridge)
The Jubilee Clock Tower,
Costa Coffee
4. All Saints Church, Boyne Hill was completed in
5. What does Maidenhead town need?
Coffee shops
Department store
Pound Shops
A good club
6. When did Skindles/Valbonne close
7. Maidenhead United's nickname is
The Red Kites
The Donkey's
The Maidens
The Magpies
The Yorkies
8. Maidenheads Ground is unique because
It has no toilets
It has the largest pitch in the UK
It is on a hill
It has its own railway Station
It is oldest continually used ground in the world by the same club
9. Where did Maidenhead Outdoor pool used to be
Where the Indoor Pool is now
Where the Skate Park is now
Where Sainsbury's is now
Where the Bowling Alley is now
Where the new Post Office sorting office is now
10. How tall is the Maidenhead Clock Tower (approximately)
45 ft
50 ft
11. What Famous Chef owns three restaurants in Bray
Gordon Ramsey
Michel Roux
Nigella Lawson
Tom Kerridge
Heston Blumenthal
12. What famous band lived together in a house in Maidenhead
The Wanted
The Rolling Stones
The Spice Girls
Thin Lizzy
The Wurzels

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