How Lynn Are You?

Were you born or grew up in King's Lynn? This slightly tongue in cheek quiz will find out what you know about our lovely town and whether you embrace all things Lynn.

You can take this quiz as many times as you want, see if you can get 100% If you know Lynn, then this should be fairly straightforward. Hope you enjoy....

Created by: Ben Jones
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1. When the sun comes out on the weekend, where do you go?
Up Town
To The Pub
Sunny Hunny
2. You need some new tyres for your car, where do you go?
Kwik Fit
Central Tyres
3. On a Saturday night, where where you guaranteed to experience sticky carpets, mirrored walls and a good fight
The Maltings
4. What is Oak Circle?
A Park Surrounded by Oak Trees
A Stately Home
A place you would go to buy drugs and stolen goods
A Pub
5. After a night out, where would you go to eat?
Chilli Masters
The Globe
6. In days gone by, where did you buy your music?
WH Smiths
Andy Records
7. When you first passed your driving test, where was the first place you went?
To The Pub
Take your Mum Shopping
Went To The Cinema
Drove around and around the Tuesday Market Place
8. Where would you go to get ripped of in the Febuary half term?
The Pub
The Cinema
The Mart
9. Where is Bagge Crescent?
The Stead
North Lynn
South Lynn
10. If you wanted a decent pair of Jeans, where did you used to go?
River Island
11. If you wanted greasy food, fruit machines and fights, where would you go?
The Globe
King Burger
The Bus Cafe

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