how isyour mental helth ?

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WTF101 said:
Mar 14 '16, 12:37AM

Ok so if you are having any kind of emotional or mental HEALTH issues please do not take this site seriously. Contact a therapist or physician to refer you to a professional. Clearly this site is operated or controlled by someone or some people who are obviously under educated. Meaning they cannot diagnose you with any accuracy. Any college grad specializing in this field would not misspell so many basic words including but not limited to: health, really, friend, depressed, does, appearance, alright, how, existent, usually, dramatically, and I'm sure many others. Also the punctuation and grammar are also way off. My intention is not to bash the host but to let anyone REALLY in need of help to not completely rely on the results of this bogus quiz. Don't freak out yet just consult a professional.

firewolfqeen said:
Nov 14 '15, 7:30AM

I geuss kinda true cus latley im depressed thats why i took desh planning on commiting suicide before i can kill anyone cus im dat evil.

Dragonballradar said:
Sep 18 '15, 5:46PM

I hate my self I have just started cutting my arm and I can't stop.what caused this is I'm depressed about me not having any real friends and I'm a freak.the reson I'm cutting my arm is the pain soothes my mental pain in life. I had a 6% on the quiz

lol101lol said:
Jul 4 '15, 5:59PM

Lol so apparently I'm suicidal...nah man, too many places to go, people to see, things to do

IknowWHOiAM said:
Jan 29 '15, 2:22PM

This is clearly s---. I was a fool to even do this quiz, just to feel satisfied. You are your own judge to how you feel, don't let a stupid quiz make you believe what you have when you don't. I am def not suicidal cuz I would never EVER want to waste my life, I always thought I could be better and I can. I JUST NEED TO RAISE MY CONFIDENCE and stop minding little things and just go up to people (to talk)

1qazxsw2 said:
Sep 23 '14, 3:59AM

apparently i'm suicidal... I had no idea. this may be my last post

WhereThereIsHope said:
Sep 18 '14, 10:43PM

...Well I was hopping to score higher but... Eh, sounds about right...

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