How is your Military knowledge?

Most civillians don't know much about the Military, especially the history and role of the branches, and some of the equipment used. Most people don't even know the difference between an F-16 and an F-35. Do you?

Where do you stack up? Do you have the knowledge of a soldier? Do you fall into the pool of most civillians? Are you a History buff? Answer the next couple of questions to find out!

Created by: Kellan
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1. Which aircraft has three distinct versions; one for the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps?
The F-18 Hornet
The F-22 Raptor
The F-35 Lightning II
F-16 Fighting Falcon
2. Which branch of the Military is responsible for the operation and maintenance of lighthouses?
The Army
The Navy
The Coast Guard
The Marine Corps
3. Which of the Service Academies have I been appointed to?
The Air Force Academy
The Naval Academy
West Point
The Coast Guard Academy
4. What is the numeric designation of the Abrams Main Battle Tank?
a and b
5. The Nimitz Class Supercarrier can carry up to how many aircraft?
6. The Air Force was formally created by the National Security Act of which year?
7. In what conflict was the M16 first used?
The Korean War
World War II
The Global War on Terror
The Vietnam War
8. Which special forces group is associated with the Navy?
The Rangers
The Seals
Force Reconaissance
Combat Rescue Officers
9. An order of what governmental gathering created the Marine Corps?
The Second Continental Congress
The First Continental Congress
10. The F-22 posesses which of the following special capabilities?
Vertical takeoff
Exo-atmospheric travel
Carrier launch
11. The majority of vehicular work on the ground falls under the responsibility of which branch?
The Army
The Air Force
The Navy
The Marine Corps

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