How hot is Drake Bell to you?

This quiz is a test on weather you think drake bell is hot. these questions will help you know for sure how you feel about you think he is hot....or ugly.... this quiz will show what you really feel.

I made this quiz because i love drake bell and i think he is really hot. also i was bored......hahahaha i wanted other people to really see how much they like drake bell and if they think he is hot.Even though alot of you might already know the answer for sure. haha

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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. When you look at Drake Bell, You wish you were standing right next to him.
no not really
yea kinda
yea alot of the time
why would i want that?
4. You know almost everything about drake bell.
i know alot
i know very little
i mostly just know his name
i know EVERYTHING about drake!
i think i might know too much than i need to
i know alot about him, but dont care that much
5. You know what the tattoo says on his left arm.
i cant remember
he has a tatto?
yea! ive memorized it!
i kinda remember what it says
ive never really took time to read it
yes i think i remember what it says
6. You have seen almost every episode of "drake and josh"
no, but ive seen alot
i dont like that show.
ive never seen drake and josh, but im gonna start watching it!
yea! i watch it all of the time!
yea.....i watch them cuz there really funny
ive probably seen most of the episodes
7. You wish you could meet drake bell.
yea. it would be cool.
i dont care that much about meeting him
yes....i would love it!
OMG that is my dream come true!
it would be exciting to meet any celebrity
kinda.....but I dont have to do it before i die.....
8. you own at least 7 things with drake bell on them.
no i dont think so
yea probably
only 7? i have way more than that.
i have about 7 or less
i have maybe 1 if any
9. Drake Bell is your favorite singer in the whole entire world!
yea his music is ok
ive never heard his music
yes! i know all of his songs!
no.....i hate his music
i listen to it....but i prefer other music
i really dont like his songs that much
10. you cant look at a picture of drake bell without
yea.... i love to look at his pics
sometimes..... it depends on the picture..
no not really
yea......his pics are ok
no i wouldnt say wow....
i guess....i like his pics alot.
11. do you think drake bell is hot?
yea kinda
yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes the hottest guy eva!
hes ok.....but i like other guys better
yep....i think hes really hot
yes and no
12. You think about drake ALOT
yes....i think about him all of the time
once in a while
no....i think about other things
i think about him more than i should
i dont ever think about drake bell
it depends on what im doing

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