How high is your emotional intelligence?

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1D_lover said:
Feb 9 '14, 6:27AM

Emotionally very healthy... Yeah, that description is me all over

skatterbrain said:
Jan 12 '12, 4:43AM

good level of emo intel..

80horselover said:
Aug 31 '11, 7:38PM

cool i'm emotionly healthy it is true and people like my friends i can tell how thay feel exept for a one of them but he has hide all of his feelings for like as long as i've know him.

PlanetDestroyer1 said:
Aug 31 '11, 12:54PM

Emotionally very healthy good to know nice quiz!

YoyoYaya said:
Aug 30 '11, 12:00AM

@malon & guess: sorry for not enough option and thx for ur comment.i'll try to put more option next time.

malonewashere said:
Aug 29 '11, 5:07PM

Apparently i dont have a emotional intelligence... Of course, this is only a quiz, and i guess i do try to block out some emotions. i agree, not enough options on some of the questions... But still a good quiz!

anglefish_xD said:
Aug 29 '11, 2:46PM

You are emotionally very healthy.

You trust your feelings and use them to help you make the right decisions. You are a kind and sympathetic friend. You can probably notice when a friend is unhappy, even if they don't tell you. You are a great listener, and people often come to you for advice.

DTBP said:
Aug 28 '11, 6:16PM

You have a good level of emotional intelligence.

You often express your feelings well and say what you think. You can also understand other people's points of view, and you don't feel you have to win every argument you have! However, sometimes you worry about things too much and perhaps you get angry too easily. Try to take it easy for a while.

That's cool! Nice quiz!

Guess_Who_Its_Me said:
Aug 27 '11, 8:39PM

even though i got very healthy i couldnt be honest there werent enough options.

Guess_Who_Its_Me said:
Aug 27 '11, 8:39PM

no. awful quiz. there arent enough options. for the b/gfriend question, for example, there should be a "Tell them you met someone else and laugh at their pain" option. that's what I'd do.

harpusrox7 said:
Aug 27 '11, 9:15AM

Cool quiz!:) I'm emotionally very healthy

Brittonio34 said:
Aug 27 '11, 12:10AM

Why would someone take a quiz knowing that their results would get judged and then complain about it?

Cool Quiz though.

Mitch said:
Aug 25 '11, 9:53PM

Wow, great quiz.

YoyoYaya said:
Aug 25 '11, 8:28PM

thx everyone! :D
@mary: ok.nvm

Dolphin13 said:
Aug 25 '11, 5:40PM

Very healthy yeah i think ur rite! :)

glitterchick97 said:
Aug 25 '11, 4:22PM

Very healthy:) sounds like me!!!:D

mary678 said:
Aug 25 '11, 12:04PM

wth srry about mi cuzzo:/ uggh hav to change da passsword again and srry about her again

mary678 said:
Aug 25 '11, 11:47AM

whoops srry bout mi phycological probz

rascal1178 said:
Aug 25 '11, 11:32AM

I'm very healthy

Alana said:
Aug 25 '11, 9:20AM

Very healthy. :D Nice quiz.

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