How high is your emotional intelligence?

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1D_lover said:
Feb 9 '14, 6:27AM

Emotionally very healthy... Yeah, that description is me all over

skatterbrain said:
Jan 12 '12, 4:43AM

good level of emo intel..

80horselover said:
Aug 31 '11, 7:38PM

cool i'm emotionly healthy it is true and people like my friends i can tell how thay feel exept for a one of them but he has hide all of his feelings for like as long as i've know him.

PlanetDestroyer1 said:
Aug 31 '11, 12:54PM

Emotionally very healthy good to know nice quiz!

YoyoYaya said:
Aug 30 '11, 12:00AM

@malon & guess: sorry for not enough option and thx for ur comment.i'll try to put more option next time.

malonewashere said:
Aug 29 '11, 5:07PM

Apparently i dont have a emotional intelligence... Of course, this is only a quiz, and i guess i do try to block out some emotions. i agree, not enough options on some of the questions... But still a good quiz!

anglefish_xD said:
Aug 29 '11, 2:46PM

You are emotionally very healthy.

You trust your feelings and use them to help you make the right decisions. You are a kind and sympathetic friend. You can probably notice when a friend is unhappy, even if they don't tell you. You are a great listener, and people often come to you for advice.

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