How Hemel are you?

The settlement was first called Henamsted or Hean-Hempsted (High Hempstead) in Anglo-Saxon times. The town is now known to residents as "Hemel", although before WWII locals called it "Hempstead".

The grand design for Hemel / Hempstead / Newtown saw each new district centred around a parade or square of shops. Other districts existed before the newtown as suburbs, villages and industrial centres and were incorporated into the town. A little history for you.

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1. What colour is Debenhams?
Pale blue
Creamy yellow
Bright orange
Concrete grey
Mosaic tiled
There's a Debenhams?
2. Where is the 'Residents rainbow'?
Queens Square
The Marlowes
Near the train station
Gadebridge Park
The old town
Market Square
3. What sort of music do they dance to in The Water Gardens?
Heavy metal
Rock n Roll
4. Which of these is not a housing estate in Hemel?
Woodhall Farm
5. What is the name of the new shopping area at the end of The Marlowes?
The spire
The Arches
The Galleria
6. Which TV show was regularly filmed in Hemel?
The last detective
Pie in the sky
New tricks
Foyles war
7. What was the name of the entertainments venue which sat alongside the library until it was demolished in 2002?
The Place
The Lockmead
The Pavillion
The Palladium
The Circle
The Metro
8. Which company used to own the towns tallest building, which has since been converted to apartments?
Dixons Stores Group
British Aerospace
9. What does the Phoenix gateway sculpture do?
Mark the new millennium
Points towards the London Gateway
Divides the M1 and M25 motorway
Mark the 2012 Olympics
Commemorates the Buncefield fire
Sit on top of the old church hall
10. Which highwayman was executed near the town?
Dick Turpin
Dick Jones
Robert Snooks
Lord Baltimore
Samuel Davies
Robin Hood
11. Where is Hemel Hempstad Town FC situated?
Dunlin Road
Galley Hill
Warners End Road
Beechfield Road
Varney Road
Vauxhall Road

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