How goth are you?

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Haleigh said:
Aug 20 '16, 2:53AM

Your the town 0%

Barbie! yay you are kind and full of sun shine! no bad dark blood in your cute lil body, You run at the sight of blood and everything not cute and innocent!

Dufuq?!? I have voodoo dolls!! I have 3 black snakes!!! You go in ma hose you think all the lights are off!!!!!
I havnt seen anything white/pink in my house/room in 25 years.
P.S., I'm 25

Depressed_Emo said:
Jun 29 '16, 6:06PM

im not a goth... im emo.... there's a huge difference

Demigod123 said:
Mar 30 '16, 9:14PM

wait a moment im a freaking goth and anyone who took this quiz and you truly belive your goth dont belive this stupid quiz your not a barbie (ugh) ;( anyways your goth like im a gothmo or to say gothic emo and i got barbie (yuck) ;( so belive in you and who you are dont let anyone or anything take charge of you.

MyChemicalBrenod said:
Jan 11 '16, 5:26PM

um do you not see the blood on my shirt I HATE pink and white I'm a totally morbid person who would never run at the sight of blood

Masky23 said:
Jan 6 '15, 2:28PM

...Complete waste of time.

pinkfluffyrobot said:
Nov 22 '14, 5:18AM

Fail. I doubt the quiz creator even knows who Bauhaus is, or even Bela Lugosi for that matter, lol. And yes Bela as in "undead undead", not bella swan. When I got my first tattoo, "bella swan" was probably still in diapers. ;]

AmberLovesADTR said:
Jul 1 '14, 11:58PM

xc this is soooo fake.

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