How Fredericksburg Are You?

If you are truly smart about Fredericksburg, Virginia then you shouldn't have any trouble with this quiz! It should be aced by someone like you. You probably know the town like the back of your hand, or like the back of your yard. Or at least you should, if you truly are smart.

Do you think you know everything about Fredericksburg, Virginia? If ya do, then take this quiz and show it to the world! But you might fail, so this will maybe boost your self esteem or lower it, depending on the outcome of this quiz.

Created by: Alex
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2. What is your gender?
3. What is "Jayem"?
The mayor's baby son.
The local grocery store chain.
Slang for J.M.
The new hotel near the river.
4. What is Carl's?
The Strip Club.
An ice cream place.
The five-star seafood restaurant.
The used car place near UMW.
5. When you think of Route 3, you think of?
Country Lane
Lots of cows
Golf course- here I come!
Traffic Jam
6. Who is Buzzy the Bee?
The radio station mascot.
The hobo under the train station.
The owner of the musuem.
The mascot of the zoo.
7. When you think of the mall, you think of?
Friends and Food.
Town Centre.
Bratty teenagers.
8. What river is Fredericksburg on?
The Potomac
The Rappahannok
The York
The Nile
9. What's the symbol of Fredericksburg?
The Colonial Flag.
George Washington.
A boat going down the river.
10. What is UMW?
The hair salon downtown.
The University of Mary Washington
The doctor's.
Ur mom's underwear.
11. How many elementary schools are there?
12. Who is John Maine?
The city founder.
The leader of the Bloods.
A pitcher for the Mets.
The town drunk.

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