how florida are you

there are many people who live in florida in fact people who dont live in florida know florida but there arent many geniuses to solve problems the whole world could have them but there one promblem not all people are smartthe point is not all of us are smart only a few of us know florida

are you a florida person do you live in florida i can only wonder but thanks to this quiz,in a few moments ill find out and ill know!!!!!!living in florida isnt that easy cause of the heat but that why they invented air and ice pops right!!

Created by: michelle
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1. what is the capital of florida?
spring hill
2. what county is caladesi island in?
3. were is the american leagen located
shady hills
spring hill
new port richey
4. what river do you go on to go conoeing if you lived in spring hill
amazon river
wichee watchee
5. where is rainbow roller land
the vet
on east rd
in your mom
6. what is the best time to go to the beach
june or july
january october
7. now here is the question that says it all if you were born in alaska what would be the hottest place to live in florida
spring hill
wild wood
8. guess what i got a webkinz
omg wow
9. what beach has a park
clearwater beach
my house
rogers park/beah
10. if i was to go somewhere in orlando with whales what would it be
bush gardens
silver springs
sea world

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