How EVIL are you quiz

"Do you think you are EVIL? If you think so,you will love this EVIL quiz made by an EVIL person for all you EVIL people out there! Enjoy!Oh,and if you are not EVIL don't waste your time on this quiz!"created by a person of GREAT EVIL!

"How EVIL are you?Are you a kind and friendly person or are you the EVILEST person in the whole wide world? Curious? Just find out in this very EVIL quiz!In a few minutes, this wonderfully EVIL quiz will reveal your true inner EVILNESS!ENJOY!"

Created by: celina
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If a stranger accidentally steps on your foot and didn't bother to apologise,what will you do?
Run after him and step on him even harder and see how he likes it!
Wait until he's out of earshot then star calling him rude names.
Tear him limb from limb,chop him into bite-sized pieces and eat him. Mmmm delicious!
Don't bother and keep on walking
Blast him away with the cannon you always carry
Shoot him in the eye! No one messes with me!
4. If you see a person drowning in a pool, he's shouting for help, what will you do?
Let him drown, he isn't worth risking your life for.
Fill the pool with a thousand piranhas,and laugh your head off while watching him get eaten!
Call all your friends and shout as loud as you can,words of encouragement.
Shoot an arrow into his head and save the world from further noise pollution.
Cut some electric cabbles and dip them in the pool to electrocute him.
Jump in and rescue him
5. What will you do if you caught a robber in your house?
Force him into a wooden box and practice your magician act of sawing him in half for that nights talentshow.
Feed him to your pet crocodiles.
Bury him alive in your backyard.Your plants need the fertiliser.
Beg him not to kill you.You'll give him anything he wants.
Break all his bones.Then let him crawl back home.
Call the cops and chain him to a cactus.
6. Career of your choice.
Just a regular job
International Head Criminal Mastermind
Ruler of the entire world
Well,I don't know.Is there a career that involves eating people?
7. Weapon of your choice.
Guns.Lots and lots of guns!
A penknife?
teddy bears!
Nuclear bomb.Destruction RULES!
I eat my enemies.Yummy,so tasty!
Why? I don't want to choose, it's violent! Why did I take this quiz anyway?
8. At your grandpa's funeral,how do you behave?
Do the tap dance on his coffin and sing 'We Are The Champions
Drown yourself in grief!
Stab him in the eye to see if he's still alive.
Plant a bomb in his coffin,you never liked the old bag!
Oh joys of joys, you laugh to yourself the whole ceremony
'sob' 'sob' WHY......'sob' 'sob'
9. What is the EVILEST thing you've ever done?
I accidentally spilled soda on someone before.Boohoo,why am I so evil? Why..'sob'....Why?
I was involved in a terrorist attack that killed thousands.
Well, I roasted my sister in a barbeque party.What!?Everyone thought she was chicken!
I laid a lot of thumbtacks on my teachers chair once.
I killed my best friend on her wedding day.Wait,that's not evil enough!Maybe I'll kill my grandma, then get back to this quiz.
I sabotaged my colleague real bad.
10. What did you think of this quiz?
It was kind of a waste of my time but it was fun.
I wonder which idiot wrote this quiz?
I regret taking this quiz.I'm not this kind of person.
Totally awesome!
11. No.not finished yet!Haha!Got you!
Do continue this quiz!I love it so much!
I knew it!
The person who wrote this quiz is so UURRGGHH!
Ha! Nice one!
12. Okay,last question.If your annoying little sister keeps on bugging you to play with her while you're busy,what will you do?
Kick her out of the house.Aaahhh...sweet silence!
Shove heer into a big pot and boil her alive!Mwaahahahaha!
Play with her because you love her unconditionally.
Don't pay any attention to her.
Take out your pistol and threaten to shoot her if she doesn't leave now.

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