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GemGeometryDash said:
Mar 28 '15, 9:47AM

Ok.. So I have lived in essex all my life. I have never heard a person even say the word TOWIE. What's the matter with you b----es? Stop being silly, and put more things like essex heratige!! Crazy.

chocolatefrog said:
Apr 13 '14, 12:58PM

GTQguy - it doesn't make you a "troll" for saying the truth. This quiz only has so many takes because there's an Essex craze in England and they posted it to their Facebook. Most quizzes aren't linked to Facebook, that's why it's unfair.

Nic1 said:
Nov 22 '13, 5:37PM

You snobs need to chill out and realise that micky taking out of Essex stereotypes are just a joke the same as micky taking out of backwards Irish, northerners, six fingered people from Norwich, sheep lovers from Wales, inbred people from the west country etc. I could go on forever across the globe and it's ok because it is BANTER! DERR! You are all so obsessed making sure people know how intelligent you are coming across that you seem to of forgotten that truly intelligent people have a good sense of what is 'HUMOUR'! I mean relax, Jesus, how can you take yourselves so seriously! I am intelligent and am from south Essex and scored 78% and am proud because I can see the quiz is just a light hearted bit of fun and doesn't mean a thing. Doesn't take a psychologist to figure that out.

DorothyLSayers1 said:
Nov 16 '13, 6:12PM

As a genuine Essex person with family going back centuries including ancestors who owned Thames Barges I scored one per cent and found this quiz utterly vacuous and insulting, reinforcing negative stereotypes that make my old Essex blood boil. Quizzes for other counties were far from THIS pathetic, as if the wonderful history, culture and traditions of Essex started with pea-brained celebs in the 1990s.

GTQ Guy said:
Nov 15 '13, 8:05PM

Hi Embles, never mind the trolls, congrats on such a popular quiz! Obviously a ton of people liked it!

Embles said:
Nov 15 '13, 3:38AM

Wow you are trolls! This was a private quiz and it went viral! If you don't like it then don't do it!

Nonameneeded said:
Nov 14 '13, 8:13AM

This quiz is London Essex, not true Essex. I've lived here most of my life, but came out as 0% Essex!

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