How do you judge?

This quiz is about how you would judge someone. You could judge them by their personality or their looks or even if that had what every body wants more of money.

So the way you judge people will be revealed to you and others if you like in this quiz. Please remember to comment . Check out my YouTube channel at bowbabetelevision on YouTube!

Created by: Sarah
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3. If you see your best friend talking to the grossesed person in school you.....
Tell her you can't be friends because she looked at that girl
Say nothing and get on with your life
Invite that girl to you and your best friends sleep-over
Ask your friend if she's rich and if she is go and become bff's if she isn't drop your friend out your girl group
4. You see a girl with lots of money you...
Scope her out for good looks and if she meets your standards go and get your nails done
Walk right over and ask to be bff's
See how you like her by going to lunch
5. The worst girl in school walks over and taps you on the shoulder you...
Run away and disinfect your whole body
Ask if she has Money
Find out about what she likes and then divide about being friends
6. You see the ugliest person ever at your bff's sleep over you...
Call your mom and leave
Talk a little then end up not liking her and ditch
End up becoming bff's
Check her purse for moola
7. At a the shool dance you see your date chatting with the ugliest girl in school you...
Sat nothing
Ask him if she has money
Dump him
Talk to the girl
8. If you saw someone really ugly fall and hurt them self you....
Go help them up and become friends
Go help them up and tell them to pay you
Walk away because you can't stand their face
9. Your first name may very much effect your judging ways choose the name categorie that fits you
10. Your best friend starts to hang out with a total looser and then becomes one you....
Ditch her
Ask if her other friend has money
Say nothing an move on with your life
11. Your at the store and you see the weirdest kid in school there buying a birthday card and gift you ask who it's for and sh e says the name of your best friend you......
Slap her face then go disinfect your hand
Telll her that you will buy the gift but with. Her money
Tell her that you were invited to and should hang out
12. You are talking to your friend one day when she reveals she has been hanging out with bill, the ugliest guy in school you.....
Go slap her than bill
Ask if he's rich
Ditch your friend
Start to hag out with bill too

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