How chill are you?

You probably have that one friend who worries about everything, or maybe that one friend is you. Maybe you have that one friend who's super chill about everything, or maybe you are that super chill friend.

How chill are you? How chill are your friends? Take the quiz, and encourage your friends to take it too so you can all compare your chillness results!

Created by: KawaiiToaster
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Ok, imagine your best friend invites you over for a sleepover, and it starts at 11am. What do you do? (There's gonna be other people at the sleepover too.)
I make sure I'm there earlier or exactly at 11
I can stand being around 15 minutes late
11am is super early wtf I'm not going BTW
Well if other people are gonna be there, I guess it's fine to show up whenever the hell I want to
I have a panic attack since it's 10:30 and I'm not even dressed
4. Imagine you're 15. Your friends invited you to go trick or treating with them on Halloween. What do you do?
Um, I'm WAY too mature for that dumbness. They're so not my friends anymore.
I'll suggest a sleepover instead and we can hand out candy.
I'm grounded so I can't go. Waaaaaaah :(
I'll hesitantly decide to go but if anyone yells at us teens for trick or treating, I'm done.
Yeah I'll go, but only in costume.
I'll go in friggen jeans and converse sneakers.
5. You wake up and realize you overslept for 15 minutes! What do you do?
Oh no! I'm gonna be late for school! *has a huge meltdown
Oh s---. You rush around trying to get ready
You get ready a little quicker than normal, but you're not too shaken up
I drag myself out of bed and take my time.
I shrug it off and laugh
Lol lol lol I go back to sleep until mommy yells at me lol lol lol
6. You are running and you slip and you drop all your stuff. A bunch of people saw. How do you feel?
7. What do you do on scary roller coasters?
I scream for my mommy and daddy and I cry hysterically and have a massive panic attack
I scream and shout loudly in fear
I scream, but I'm enjoyment
I throw my hands up in the air and take it all in
Roller coasters are BORING they don't give you adrenaline like everyone says they do
8. It's Monday night and you remember you have a test the next day that you forgot to study for. What do you do?
I freak out and hyperventilate cuz IMMA FAIL AAAAAAAAAAAAHH
I say "ugh I'm so STUPID!" But I hold back my tears
Groan and study as much as you can before you fall asleep
I study a little bit
Lol oops maybe next time
I never study, it's so overrated.
9. How do you dress for school?
I make sure I look FLAWLESS.
I wanna look real good
Well I wanna look nice and put-together, but I'm not gonna go all out
Casually like jeans
Some cool looking sweats
I just pull random stuff out of my drawers without looking and put them on. Even if it looks rediculous.
10. How much do you care about what people think about you?
I do everything I can to make everyone happy and be in the popular group!
A lot
Uh well of course I CARE, but I'm not gonna scream and cry if someone looks at me the wrong way
A bit
Yeah I don't really care at all
I'll act like a total doofus in front of the most popular kid in school and wouldn't think about what they think of me
11. Do you ever worry about looking like a loner?
I'll pretend to be popular even when I have no friends.
Yeah a lot
Sometimes, it really depends on the situation.
Just a tiny little bit
No but of course I like having friends
I like being a loner lol
12. Are you always trying to take charge?
Definitely! No one knows what they're doing! Ever!
Well I'm a leader so I have to.
Sometimes I do, I don't really mean to though
Lol a few times
In some situations
Nah I'm more of a slacker
13. Do you care who your friends are?
Well yeah! They need to be perfect or else they'll make me look stupid.
There's one or two types I like to stick to.
Not really, just as long as they're nice and not two-faced b----es
No, but I'd like it if they were chill
I'll be friends with literally anyone
14. Do people ever take advantage of you?
I will NEVER let that happen! made me so upset!
No. they just don't. I'm too good of a person for them I guess.
Lol yeah a few times. I didn't really mind it TBH
Dunno, probably, I've just never noticed
I have a different response
15. How much do you care about your diet?
I use every piece of health advice and my diet is extremely strict.
I eat healthy and I never eat sweets.
I like to be healthy but occasionally I'll eat junk food.
Eh, 50/50
Just as long as I don't get too much extra weight, I don't really watch it
I don't pay attention to what I eat
16. How many big fears do you have?
Um well I have anxiety issues so...(doesn't affect your score)
Just one
17. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to have the perfect job with a huge salary.
I want to get a better than average salary, but no dangerous jobs
I'll be a builder I guess
I want a good job, but I don't really mind the salary
I'll work at McDonalds with no problem but I want to try and find a better job first
I'm going straight to Burger King
18. How do you win a fight with a friend?
I scream in their face and hit them until they surrender
I throw lots of insults at them
I angrily storm off
I respond to them calmly
I admit I'm wrong (audience gasps with amazement)
I don't care if I win lol
19. Ok so you just won that fight with your friend, but what about forgiveness in a few days?
I beg to be forgiven and I cry until they forgive me and give me a hug
I'll beg and I'll cry if they don't forgive me
I go up to them and ask for forgiveness, but I'll be kind of upset if they refuse
I'll be sad until they come and forgive me, but I won't ask
They'll forgive me when they're ready. Geez.
I'm so chill, that fight probably would've never happened
20. What's the littlest thing you'd hit someone over?
A fuzzball
A boy/girl
Literally nothing
21. How many "annoying" relatives do you have?
They're all annoying.
Most of them
Half of them
A few like 2-3
Aunt Janet...that's all
None of them are annoying they're all pretty cool
22. How would you react if you tripped over nothing and everyone laughed at you?
I'd cry and beg my parents to let me go to school in a different country
I'd hold back tears but once I got home I'd go to my room and cry
My whole face would turn red
I'd blush but only my cheeks would be red
I'd laugh with them
lol I did it on purpose so if high five everyone!
23. How do you normally apologize to people? (Like if you accidentally broke a glass cup at their house)
OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY! *teardrop
Gasp! I am SO sorry! I'll buy a new one if you want!
Oops, sorry!
Oh crap!
*waits 3-30 seconds* oh oops I'm sorry
24. How do you react if you get dumped by your boyfriend/girlfriend?
25. Do you try to impress others?
Duh! If I don't, the world will END!
TBH yeah a lot
Well if I'm going to a wedding then sure but not usually
Nope, never
26. Who would you not get along with?
Susie- always telling you to chill out and gets annoyed whenever you freak out
Dave- doesn't reassure you every time you need reassured
Jim- he doesn't worry about losing friends
Jessica- she worries about EVERYTHING
27. Do you stereotype people and then judge them?
Yes! That's how I survive!
A lot
Yeah, but it doesn't mess up their chances of becoming my friend
Just to my friends
I only do it as a joke, never for real
28. How would your friends define your social behavior?
Insanely awkward
Always ready to partay!
29. Would you care if two of your friends left you?
It would END my SOCIAL LIFE. FOREVER! *sobs
Um I'd be pretty upset for a while yeah
I'd be sad
I'd only really care if they were my besties in the group
Not really, I could replace them pretty easily
LOL, jokes on you, I only have one friend! Laaaaaaalz!
30. Are you easy to approach?
Well everyone says I'm constantly closed off
Ummmm no
I'm kinda awkward
I have a resting b---- face but I'm a nice person
Yeah I'm so easygoing and laid back
31. On a scale of one to six, how important is your birthday to you? (One is the least, Six is the most)
32. How would you react if no one showed up to your birthday party?
I'd have a huge panic attack and think everyone hated me and I wouldn't talk to anyone for a year because I was just BETRAYED.
I'd be really upset and I might get into a fight with my friends about it
I'd be pissed but I'd be over it after a day or two
I'd be as understanding as I could. Sometimes people just can't make it.
I'd probably forget about the party anyway lol
Ain't nobody got time for planning a birthday party.
33. Do you like plans?
I need to plan every detail of everything so nothing goes wrong!
I rely a lot on plans
Kinda, just as long as it's sort of relaxed
Yeah, but not specific plans, just planning general ideas of things.
I like small lists, maybe like a list of three things
No I prefer to just wing things
34. What's your birthday party plan most likely to look like?
4:00-everyone arrives. 4:01-we sit and talk. 4:10-we go swimming. 4:14-we start playing on pool floaties. 4:21-mom orders pizza. 4:30-do cool jumps into the pool. 4:44-make a wish. 4:56-bathroom break for everyone. 5:02-everyone goes back to the room. 5:22-pizza should arrive. 5:23-get pizza out. 5:25-start eating...
4:00-people should be here. 4:30-go swimming. 4:45-mom orders pizza. 5:20-Go back to the room. 5:30-around the time for pizza to come. 5:55-eat...
4:00-hopefully some people come. 4:30-decide on swimming. 5:30-eat. 7:00-decide on an activity. 12:00-tell mom you're gonna sleep but laugh maniacally with your friends cuz you stay up and prank call McDonalds all night instead
4:00-4:30-people arrive. 5:00-12:00-do stuff. 12:01-pretend to sleep
Mom can order the damn pizza whenever the hell she wants to.
35. How concerned are you about safety when your friends come over?
No one is allowed at my house because someone might get hurt
We cover the outlets and put soft stuff on table edges and we toddler proof the house basically
Not really I just set up a fence thing by the stairs cuz Kayden fell down the stairs once and broke three fingers
We just make sure we have band-aids and stuff
As long as everyone knows the number 911, we're good.
Uh...what's that number you call if the house catches on fire?
36. Have your friends ever commented on how chill you are?
Um probably not
Once but they never specifically said it
A few times
Every situation we have to deal with lol
37. What do you do when something doesn't go according to your plans?
I freak out and demand everyone to leave because something HORRIBLE might happen
I cry and mommy fixes it
I get a bit nervous
I groan and get over it
Well there was never an actual plan so...
I don't care
38. How would you scream if your friend fell off a skateboard and you don't know if they're hurt or not
OH NO!πŸƒπŸ˜§
Oh my god!🚢😲
YOU OK???πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

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