How big do you like your girls belly?

Ever wonder if you were attracted to bone thin girls or just want to see a big belyy pop some seams?or just wanna fatten up your dream girl well take the quiz

find out how big a belly you want on a girl and whether you want to see her ribs or wanna squeeze that belly and wach it pop those jean buttons right off

Created by: bobby
1. What is your age?
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18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You are on the beach and see a very skinny, pretty girl. You
Go over to tell her to lose some weight
Picture what she`d look like thirty pounds heavier
Think, ooo i could make her so chubbier
Fantasize about a date with her at Arby`s
4. You see a girl running up to you and her belly jiggles up and down. You
Tell her to go hit the gym and go on a diet you hog
You ask her to go to dinner with you
You think about how hot it looks
You hope her pants slip a little so it hangs over
5. Your on a date with a girl and her belly is hanging over her pants about an inch or so. You
Get up and walk out
Think about if shed get mad if you touched it
Think about trying to make it three inches
Tell her its not hanging over enough and your disappointed
6. On a date, a button pops off your girls pants and her belly spills out of her pants. You
Yell at her to go exercise and come back when she didnt jiggle
Hope another button comes off. It was hot
Try and refrain from squeezing her belly
Tell her she needs to keep eating till her belly was 40ยป
7. A girl is trying to get her jeans on but they wont button. You
Scream fattie and run
Tell her to get a bigger belly that you can squeeze and try and make the pants rip
Hope the buttons pop off and her fat spills out
Pretend to help her and poke your finger into her belly
8. A girl is measuring her belly with measuring tape and weighing herself on the scale. The results you are hoping for are
Twenty inch belly, 90 pounds
Twenty nine inch belly, 110 pounds
Thirty Five inch belly, 130 pounds
Forty plus inch belly, 150 pounds but preferably more
9. A plump girl asks you if shes fat. you say
Yea go hit the gym
Yes and your belly is spilling over your jeans its hot
Yes and your bellys so jiggly and round
No not fat enough for me
10. Your ideal girl has
no fat rolls
two fat rolls
four fat rolls
as many rolls as possible
11. You feed your girl until
never eww
her belly hangs over her pants
the buttons on her pants burst
she breaks the scale
12. you push your finger into your girls belly what do you feel
two or three inches of fat then her stomach
its like a pillow about five inches in
fatfatfat and it jiggles all around when i touch it

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