how Baltimore is you?

Every city feels like they have the most to offer and has it's own personality. The people in this city are what makes it so. This quiz lets you find out whether or not you know enough to say you have witnessed the greatness of Baltimore and are a part of that greatness.

Baltimore and her children are one of the most unique, diverse and entertaining spots on the planet. It has the charm and quaintness of an unpretentious town with the culture and diversity of a big city. Do you know enough about one of the greatest places on the planet?

Created by: anissa
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. At one point in your life have you worked in the Inner Harbor and/or Harborplace?
Where is dat?
4. You are from which of the following:
Eastside ba-bay!
Westside yallz!
North ave wat!
South cherry hill brooklyn nuff said!
Outskirtz of B-more
I ain't even from Maryland!
5. You have lived in how many sections of B-more?
6 or more N-S-E-W-SW-NE it don't matter
4-5 you got friends all in other places
2-3 you know enough
1 stuck in one spot but datz ok
only a visitor when you went to the aquarium on a class trip
6. How many Markets have you been to and supported? ex. Lexington, Hollins, Broadway etc.
ALL seven, yeah there's seven
5-6 checkin em out
3-4 u got favorites
1-2 been through
7. You know wat an Arabber is and you have bought somethin from em...
Seen em round and grabbed sumthin once or twice
Dig the horses but never bought nuthin
Don't have a clue do ya?
8. You have eatin coddies, soft shell crabs, padded oysters and/or Ostrowski's sausages. You can pick crabs like nobody's biznuss and have washed it down with a Natty in a can.
Like its ma job!
3 outta 5 but are gonna go outta my way to find these sausages cause they're bangin Kielbasa
I'll pick some crabs but get bored after 3-4
I've never picked a crab
9. I have been to a festival or just chilled at Patterson Park, Druid Hill park, Wyman Park, Fort McHenry, Carroll Park etc etc
Can't wait to see which festival is comin up next...BEER , MUSIC, FOOD how can you not live for it? And yeah who hasn't flown a kite at Fort McHenry?
Been to a few parks here and there for different reasons
Went to my most local park as a kid to go sleddin!!
Field trip 3rd grade long time ago to Fort McHenry
I'm scared I'll get mugged so none
10. Some one has commented on your "accent" and asked you where you were from....
yeah hon don't know wat day mean doe must got warder in dere earz
Have noticed people look at me strange on certain wordz
Not me personally but have heard others so know what its all about
Do yall have a southern accent? I've noticed yall talk funny too.
11. You have been to the block.
Several times for several reasons
Had to check it least twice!
Drove through to see what it's all about
What's the block? Is that a sculpture?
12. I have moved to Baltimore and away and yet I still always wind up back livin there! Ever notice that?
Cause it's dat good! and ya know this!
Cause it's like the Bermuda triangle, you always come back
Cause I couldn't make it anywhere else and I could funtion at least in Baltimore
I never lived in Baltimore
13. You can name AT LEAST 5 musicians from any era who were born and/or raised in Baltimore.
I can name more than 5 and support local artists Hi De Hi De Hi De Ho
I can think of at least 5 and have heard their music
I can think of a few names but don't know their music
Wow didn't know Baltimore ever had/has much of a scene
14. You have read a Sun, Afro-American, Jewish Times, City Paper and Baltimore Guide at least once.
More than once! Gotta know what's goin on in my city!
Picked up most. Especially City Paper! Gotta know where the music's at this weekend!
Read at least one
Not interested
15. How many John Water's movies have you seen?
All and can tell you landmarks I see in his films cause I been there!
Many and I like that guy!
Just the
who's that?

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