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  • 2%... definitely not surprised. I'm Australian, but I'm completely americanized lmao

    KawaiiDesoo Jun 11 '16, 12:47PM
  • Whoever made this quiz is not Australian I mean like cmon. I was born and raised and I'm a pure Australian. I got 20%. Who says these things anyway

    Oioioi Oct 21 '15, 11:50PM
  • 29%.... I'm Australian. What the bloody hell

    Oioioi Oct 21 '15, 11:48PM
  • 20%... I'm Australian.

    Hyunwoo Nov 22 '14, 8:57PM
  • Oh yea and I'm more Asian then Aussie xD and I have no Asian genes I've been Aussie since first fleet

    GeorgiaMeow Jul 11 '14, 11:31PM
  • I'm Aussie and xD I'm only 52% maybe beacause I say none of this s---
    XD but sopose a do say half

    GeorgiaMeow Jul 11 '14, 11:28PM
  • Hi I just realised the answer you were seeking for chips was "a dead horse" ie "tomato sauce", feel so silly now thinking you meant vegemite!! OOps!!:-z

    nesschat Oct 21 '13, 7:21PM

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