How Arizona Are You?

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punkprinc3ss said:
May 1 '11, 4:22PM

im 50% AZ--i waz born in AZ :D

LaLaVoiceGirl said:
Jan 8 '11, 5:02PM

35%... lived here all my life and hate it. but i still think i can deal with it better than those idiots who come here from the north LOL i think id be more around 70-80%

chloe123 said:
Jan 1 '11, 11:17PM

You are 52% Arizona!

not telling ya said:
Jul 9 '10, 1:47PM

You are 50% Arizona!

You're getting there! You seem to know the basics, but still some time and energy need to be put in before you become a true arizonan.

i've lived in az my whole life but i do go on alot of trips to other places alot. ;}

starry said:
Jun 29 '09, 10:03PM

77% ? youve got to be kidding me. ive never lived anywhere else and i dont think i will. 77%, give me a break. >:P

xxheartbrakerxx said:
Jun 18 '09, 1:21AM

34% i was born there and live there when i was a baby so i dont rember...... :[

xxheartbrakerxx said:
Jun 18 '09, 1:20AM

34% i was born there and live there when i was a baby so i dont rember...... :[

Slimjim said:
Nov 19 '07, 10:23AM

52% Arizonan. That's right on, as I have lived here over half my life. Before I was in Illinois. Spent a little time in CA.

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