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  • peeps, go to "Do You Know Arizona?", my quiz, for the REAL AZ quiz!!!! enjoy it!

    Magicala Oct 21 '12, 6:32PM
  • arizonans unite against this stupid quiz & creator! i made my own TRUE AZ quiz, & they dont even list it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Magicala Oct 21 '12, 6:23PM
  • 38%????? Damn people who make this quiz don't know one f---ing thing about Arizona. I've lived here my whole life. Research the place before you make a quiz about it ass-hole!!

    Hickupville Sep 17 '12, 7:58PM
  • hahaha this quiz is a bit ridiculous but still fun. I got 90% Been here all my life. Still though, Mexican? How stereotypical. In fact I'm willing to bet about only a third of us even eat Mexican cuisine regularly. I wish people would think of the Native American tribes again when they think of Arizona instead of Mexico. No offense.

    DriftMuse Aug 12 '12, 6:16PM
  • this is stupid. im arizonan, which im in now!, & i got 30%. i've lived here most of my life. i live in a very GREEN part of AZ. uve never BEEN to AZ, have u, creator?

    Magicala Jul 21 '12, 2:55PM
  • Really? 37%? I lived here my WHOLE life. And I don't know my own state? Give me a break. LEARN about Arizona before you make quizzes like this. >:P

    Posion Rain May 23 '12, 11:57PM
  • This is truly a dumb quiz. I was born and raised in Phoenix, lived the last 10 years in Tucson. But hot in these areas doesn't mean the whole state is hot; up north they actually get snow. And in our backyard, on Mt. Lemmon, we have skiing.

    diane_az Jan 28 '12, 12:06AM

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