How Arizona Are You?

Arizonans are one of a kind, we're some of the few who can live in an area that reaches above 100 degrees. But it takes someone who has lived in the state and understand some of its quirks to be a true arizonan.

Are you an arizonan? do you think you are? can you survive extreme heat? Do you know the basics of living in such a state? Heres a quiz to see how much of an arizonan you are!

Created by: Beck
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2. What is your gender?
3. when going shopping, what is the "best" parking spot?
the one near the entrance...duh
a nice easy pull-through
the one near the exit...for a quick exit
the one that has shade
4. How do you pronounce "cholla"?
5. When do all of your relatives visit?
It's arizona...they dont visit
Summer, naturally
Winter, always winter
What do you mean? they all live here
6. What do you think when you think of "green"?
does brown/green count?
i nice grassy field
green?...what's green?
7. What do you consider cold weather?
under 50 degrees
anything under 60 degrees
no idea...doesnt get cold here
anything under 75 and i'm reaching for a sweater
8. When going over a bridge, what are you normally driving over?
a river...duh
bridge? what bridge
a man-made canal
9. do you own an umbrella?
probably...who knows where though
whats an umbrella?
of course...i always keep one just in case
no, not needed
10. How is getting into your car sometimes dangerous?
You can burn your hands in several different places...damn car door
The other drivers suck
Damn black leather seats
11. What is in your front yard?
beautiful flowers
rocks, rocks, and more rocks
i like to call it "my little forest"
who knows, seems really similar to the desert
12. What do you think of California?
I plan on living there sometime
When they get covered by water, I'll have the ocean front view
They're us, with a beach
Never been there, whats it like
must not be too great...a lot of people i know are from there
13. How do you pronounce the first sylable of "Xavier?"
av (the x is silent)
isnt that from X-men?
14. When asked how you can stand the heat...whats the most common excuse we make?
Its a dry heat
Its not that bad
Its better than being cold
What heat? airzona's cold
15. you see someone driving wearing gloves, whats your reaction?
lame...who would do that?
haha, what a dork
smart!! i might do that too
hmmm...i wonder if they come in blue

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