How Altoona are You?

Everyone loves their hometown. It's true that there's "no place like home". We often treasure the memories of that town as it was when we were growing up. Refresh your memory or compare my hometown with your own.

What do you know about home? See how much you can recall or how well you really know Smalltown, USA? Everything changes but we can always remember the "good old days".

Created by: Louann
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. What's the name of the pizza shop that's been around as long as your grandpa?
Best Way
Pizza Hut
Fat Freddie's
4. Where did your date take you parking to see the lights of the whole town?
Outlook Point
Kettle Reservoir
Bluberry Hill
5. What "world famous" attraction did you climb the steps to see and have a picnic there?
Mount Altoona
Horseshoe Curve
Gospel Hill
Cathedral Mound
6. What's the name of the local college campus?
University of Pittsburgh in Altoona
Altoona Campus of Penn State University
University Campus of Johnstown-Altoona
Altoona Community College
7. You can walk about six blocks in either direction before you run into one of these buildings?
school or corner store
bar or church
funeral home or day care center
nursing home or brothel
8. What was the name of the biggest department store downtown dressed in green?
9. What part of town did you know to avoid at the Railroad quitting time?
Pleasant Valley
10. What's the name of the amusement park that hosted your senior prom's afterglow?
Altoona Amusement Park
Fun For All - All For Fun
Lakemont Park
11. What kind of candy has been made in Altoona for many years?
Mallow Cups
12. If you going to the "shops", where were you most likely headed?
the Mall
the humane society

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