How Afghan Are You

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SND_335 said:
Oct 17 '15, 9:37AM

Girl-Am I pretty
Gir l-Do you wanna be with me forever
The girl walks away, hurt. With tears running down her face as the boy grabs her arm.
Boy-You're not pretty, your beautiful. I don't want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever. And I wouldn't cry if you walked away, I would die.
Boy-Please stay
Girl-I will
Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you. Something good will happen to you between 1-4pm. Tomorrow it could be anywhere. Get ready for the biggest shock of your life. If you don't send this to 5 quizzes you will have relationship problems for 10 years.

cupcakelover1 said:
Apr 9 '15, 9:40PM

Girl:do you think I'm pretty?
Gi rl:do you want to be with me forever?
G irl:will you cry if I walk away?
Boy: no
The girl walks away tears running down her face.the boy grabs her arm.
Boy:I don't think your pretty your beautiful I don't want to be with you forever I need to be with you forever,I won't cry if you walk away I will die if you walk away. Boy:Please stay with me?girl:I will.
Tonight at midnight your true love will realize he likes you.ifyou don't send this to 5 other quizzes you will have relationship problems for th next 10 years if you post this on 10 other quizzes you will get everything you want tomorrow. PS THIS REALLY WORKS!!!!

EmmaEmma said:
Mar 27 '15, 1:11AM

I got 35! I didn't know what a couple of words meant tho

wolvesrule65318 said:
Jul 15 '13, 6:21AM

ha ha I got 22%

Chloe12 said:
May 23 '13, 12:46PM

Woah 43% I live in England not bloody Afghanistan. Jeez I've never even been on hols there go England Lolz. :P

sara63 said:
Feb 15 '11, 4:38PM

Good quiz! PS Obamadog needs to learn that there are other respectable cultures and people than just "pure" Americans.

danburita012 said:
May 13 '10, 4:02AM

66% afghan and 84% terrorist on an other quiz,i'm originly british but born in france.

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