How affectionate are you?

How affectionate of a person are you??? Do you love to be touchy-feely with your lover, or do you hate to get close? Do you enjoy a hug here and there, or do you run away screaming from the touch of someone's hand? Have you thought about it?

Do you hate or love to be close with people? How do others percieve your comfort level at home and in the workplace? Do you know how affectionate you are?

Created by: amazon
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3. When your lover/friend touches you softly on your leg when you two are watching TV you feel:
Comfortable and relaxed
A little nervous
You quickly move you leg and move away from them
You slightly move your leg so they don't notice that you are inching away---you don't want to hurt their feelings
4. When your lover reaches to touch you in the middle of the night and wants to cuddle you:
Scream at them that you are trying to sleep, and throw a small fit
moan a little and turn away
yawn and warm up to them
wrap your arms around them and hug them
5. You are working on studying for midterms, or you are working on work-related writing on your computer. Your lover walks up behind you and wraps their arms around you and asks you if you are hungry. you:
Sigh and tell them to quit bothering you when you are trying to work.
peer into your screen, and without making eye contact., tell them that you are busy
turn from the comp, look at them and say, "yes, thank you"
reach your hand back to hold theirs and rub their finhers gently
6. You are stressed out at work. One of your co-workers askes you what's wrong. You tell them you have been under a lot of stress lately. They give you a big hug. You:
Hug them back and feel great afterward
get a little nervous, but you hug them back
You try not to touch them, but slightly hug them back, very anxiously
push them away
7. You are babysitting a 5-year-old. He falls on the wood floor and starts to cry. You:
Ignore him---he is old enough to pick himself up
ask him if he is okay, but don't go any further becaue he is a big boy
You go to him and help him up and kneel down to ask him if he is okay.
Run to him and pick him up and give him a big hug
8. Your lover is about to go to bed and he/she is undressing. You:
Watch them, but make no move to get closer to them
You come up behind them and hug them, caressing them with your hands
You look them and say: "SEXY!"
You ignore them
9. You are meeting an old friend. You haven't seen them in years. You see them down the street. You:
Run to them and give them a great , big hug
You walk up to them calmly and give them a hug and say, "I missed you"
You walk up to them and ask, "How are you?"
You look at them and say, "Where's the restaurant?"
10. When you get home at the end of the day you usually:
Rush in the door and put your swtuff away, and don't greet your lover/roommate. and go strait to your quarters
Walk in the door and out your stuff down and turn on the TV
Open the door and say greet your lover/roommate and ask them how their day was, or tell them about yours
Give your lover/roommate a hug and smile and kiss them (lover only)
11. Do you like sex?
It depends on who it is with
You need to have sex to function
You like is okay, it is overrated
You generally do not enjoy sex at all
12. You like to hold hands with your lover:
Very much
It's okay
You need to
You hate it

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