How (Actually) Stupid are You?

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SarahA said:
Feb 9 '13, 11:10AM

70% NOT STUPID. Alright.

christj1 said:
Jan 31 '12, 1:38PM

You are 100% not stupid

You are not stupid! Did you cheat? Yes, you did, didn't you! You passed! Good luck on my next quiz that I'll make in a couple of months!!!!!!!!!!!
ohhhhhh yeah not stupid

Lufford said:
Jun 14 '11, 7:31PM

mi noze hurts and NO MY HAND IS DA SAME SIZE AS MI FACE!!!!!!!!! i wood no now... 20% hehehehehe

snoopy rules said:
Dec 20 '10, 12:00AM

er 80% good enof

emo666 said:
Jun 5 '10, 10:04PM

the last question said "what was the first question we asked you without looking"..they didnt have the right answer,it would have been "how old are u",cuz thats at da top of every quiz but its still a question

hollister said:
Mar 3 '10, 8:55PM

im 50% not stupid...ok?

pokefreak493 said:
Dec 10 '09, 5:45PM

Oh, so, if I'm a female I'm stupid? That's stupid which means you're stupid! Why'd you make this quiz if you're the stupid one to not make good questions?

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