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grapegirl said:
Jul 6 '14, 7:13PM

I cannot believe I got 40%. Can I at least see th answers?

Celia1616 said:
Mar 12 '14, 9:19PM

There was a HSM book??

quizgirl220 said:
Apr 12 '12, 11:21AM

luvd this quiz got 100%

kellieannclarke said:
Mar 5 '12, 9:26PM

cool at least i try
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Kuggle said:
Jul 4 '10, 1:11AM

i love hsm it rox :)

Kuggle said:
Jul 4 '10, 1:10AM

if you dont like hsm then dont complain about it to the people who do, and if you hate it so much then why r u on a hsm quiz!!

Apr 7 '10, 11:37AM

Why would you make a quiz on high school musical??

It's one of the most gayest movies around. Just like twilight, yer the books were good but why did they have to make it into a movie.

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