High School Cliques

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crays48 said:
Mar 21 '16, 9:44PM

I got emo/goth. Not entirely true, but whatever.

BStreet said:
Jan 24 '15, 1:33AM

Uh, no.
I'm a GEEK.
Your quiz would know that if it had options for gamers....

TheLoveOfBands said:
Dec 7 '14, 4:45PM

High School Cliques
Your Result: Goth / Emo

You are goth / Emo! Youmight get picked on. but you usually dont care . You just hang out with your friends and occasinally make fun of the preps and jocks. But really just yourself

^//-//^ .. yes.

akrafinski said:
Nov 9 '14, 4:09AM


McChickenNugget said:
Jul 21 '14, 7:32AM

Geek/need :D

Deejoueah said:
Apr 19 '14, 12:53PM

Goth, meh doesn't really matter anyway

Lillikinz said:
Dec 27 '12, 6:13PM

i got preppy/girly. they are right i am a cheerleader lol but i dont buy lots of top of the line clothes. i aint got that kind of money haha

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