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  • Your Result: Intelligent

    You may act stupid, and you may not care one whit about school/work, but then again, you may be a huge fan of knowledge. Either way, you have the potential to do some great things. Like cure cancer, or create a snow-day-generator. Yeah, something useful.

    And my 2nd was artistic....SWEET!! !! loved the quiz! :D

    Sarah Soda Slim Feb 26 '09, 1:55PM
  • Nonchalant.. That's really true.. I don't care about anything. good quiz =D

    caketoys Jan 18 '09, 8:11AM
  • Wow this quiz really SUCKS. it said im artistic but all i can draw is little stick people and even THAT sucks. 1 star take it or leave it.

    RayTaco Jan 15 '09, 9:18PM
  • I did it again and got intelligent

    Spurdoile Dec 17 '08, 6:00PM
  • artistic sounds right acurate

    Spurdoile Dec 10 '08, 8:25PM
  • Impulsive-- sweet

    rockkgurl Dec 3 '08, 8:22PM
  • yay! i am so impulsive! right on! i love carter-which would fall for you! i love those quizes! go frenchie!

    nessie14 Dec 2 '08, 7:44PM

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