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Welcome to the Hearty Health Quiz! Take a few minutes to do this short quiz and put your knowledge to the test to see how well you measure up :)

Your health is important. Take advantage of May Madness to broaden your Health IQ and use it to try and incorporate a few simple lifestyle changes to improve your overall health and vitality.

Created by: Tania
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1. People who are inactive are at greater risk of getting colon cancer.
2. Adults who live with a smoker:
Are not greatly affected by second hand smoke
Have a 10% greater chance of getting lung cancer
Have a 30% greater chance of getting lung cancer
3. Taking vacations:
Protects you from disease
Increases your stress level
Does not impact your health
4. It is recommended that individuals engage in moderate activity at least:
30 minutes, two times per week
30 minutes, three times per week
30 minutes, four times per week
30 minutes, five times per week
5. Sleeping can help you loose weight.
6. At what point in your warm-up routine should you stretch?
After your warm-up exercises
Before your warm-up exercises
This is a trick question - stretching should only be performed during the cool-down
7. How long should you hold a stretch?
Three to five seconds
Five to 10 seconds
10 to 30 seconds
8. What is the best way to treat a soft tissue injury, such as a sprain?
Ice the injured area for 20 minutes every two hours for 48 hours, and rest until you feel better
Work through the injury, since a good blood supply can speed along the healing process
Apply an ice pack to the injured part immediately following the injury, and rest the following day
9. What is the first symptom of dehydration?
10. How much weight should you aim to lose per week?
Up to 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds)
Two to three kilograms
Three kilograms or more
11. How long should a diet last?
No more than two weeks
At least three months
Ideally, your whole life
12. How many servings of fruits and vegetables should you have daily?
2 servings
3-5 servings
5-10 servings
13. What is the maximum daily recommended percentage of calories from fat?
20 percent
30 percent
40 percent

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