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Skullkittehs said:
Feb 16 '14, 11:11PM

92 %

It has been proven that the BMI scale is wrong because it does not calculate the ratio of body fat muscle, your body type, or your bone structure. Like seriously, I know very muscular yet short woman who weigh around 150 pounds (because of muscle, not fat) and the BMI scale would consider them overweight.

PurpleCherries said:
Apr 25 '12, 11:53PM

58% Good enough for me!

PurpleCherries said:
Mar 21 '12, 8:42PM

75% Ishy.

Shaysterrr said:
Oct 25 '10, 2:17PM

100 :D
i'm a fitness freak :)

misskiss said:
May 31 '08, 7:56AM

75%! XD

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