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FluffyEtini said:
May 14 '17, 10:16AM

90% yay

OuterSpaceCat said:
Sep 28 '15, 3:55PM


Well, the 1O% left is for all the fast food I eat 4/5 times a week. Not very healthy...

GraceyCat said:
Feb 18 '15, 9:57PM

U put 6 glasses of water. before I read all of the answer options in my head I was like 8 duh! and the i saw 6 I was kind of confused -_-

pickles123 said:
Apr 19 '14, 10:40AM

Also, it's hard to read some of it because of the spelling.

Iloveanimals said:
Jul 27 '12, 4:28PM


PurpleCherries said:
May 30 '12, 10:12PM


Haha! Actually, the water question is supposed to have the option: 8 cups...

foreverfab1892 said:
Sep 3 '11, 5:48PM

also try these fun quizzes

(are you a af hollister or aero girl)

(what time of shoe suits you)

(what kind of fruit are you)... am i a kiwi

foreverfab1892 said:
Sep 3 '11, 5:47PM

i agree with luulamax some of your facts i think r wrong or not totally correct and please work on your spelling! i rated this a 4!

luulamax said:
Aug 28 '10, 1:54AM

You need to work on spelling. Also, some of your facts are wonky. Plus, some would argue that grains should not be the biggest part of your diet. It doesn't hurt to drink more than 6 glasses a day too as some people don't get enough water from their food. Meat is also a protein so it need not be included as a separate food group.

sara63 said:
Aug 13 '10, 9:53PM

100% !!!! yay! oh, btw, i saw that on dr.oz too

tomboy9876 said:
May 26 '10, 10:19PM

actuly, that 8 glases a day thing is a myth. cuz thats how much watr u need in a day, but there is also watr in ur food, so u dont need that much. it was on Dr. Oz.

Amme_Jayne said:
Jul 1 '08, 11:56AM

90% and me too!

bubblz said:
Mar 8 '08, 1:35PM

100%! but i thought the amount of water ur supposed 2 hav per day is 8 glasses, not 6.

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