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FluffyEtini said:
May 14 '17, 10:16AM

90% yay

OuterSpaceCat said:
Sep 28 '15, 3:55PM


Well, the 1O% left is for all the fast food I eat 4/5 times a week. Not very healthy...

GraceyCat said:
Feb 18 '15, 9:57PM

U put 6 glasses of water. before I read all of the answer options in my head I was like 8 duh! and the i saw 6 I was kind of confused -_-

pickles123 said:
Apr 19 '14, 10:40AM

Also, it's hard to read some of it because of the spelling.

Iloveanimals said:
Jul 27 '12, 4:28PM


PurpleCherries said:
May 30 '12, 10:12PM


Haha! Actually, the water question is supposed to have the option: 8 cups...

foreverfab1892 said:
Sep 3 '11, 5:48PM

also try these fun quizzes

(are you a af hollister or aero girl)

(what time of shoe suits you)

(what kind of fruit are you)... am i a kiwi

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