have you ever REALLY been to Target?

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cute60411 said:
Feb 1 '16, 2:10PM

cute60411 said:
Feb 1 '16, 2:08PM

59%? wtf i love target i PRETEND to not care about it to my popular friends in high school..

Cassaqazqaz said:
Apr 28 '12, 3:33AM

omg i cant believe all u ppl actually like targetm maybe its different in other countries?....

glitterchick97 said:
Apr 7 '12, 12:15PM

Only 63% WTF I love Target I go there all the time!

skatterbrain said:
Sep 12 '11, 3:16AM

that was kinda fun

"what's someting you bought at target?"
1 pound contaner of cheese balls!
its big e.nuff to fit two cats in

HeartBreakerGirl said:
Jun 17 '11, 5:50PM

worst quiz ever!!!!! not every1 has to like target,you know?!?!?!??!?!?!?! ?!?!?! make a quiz that isnt stupid or opinionated,k?? :-P

girlio said:
Jan 23 '11, 6:21PM

Weird quiz.....but awsome!!!!!

bunniesrule said:
Jan 23 '11, 5:25PM

Umm...nice quiz?

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