halo three quiz

there are alot of people who are very good at halo are you one of them? find out in this wonderful quiz witch took hours to make. it will make people find out how much they know about halo.

are you a halo player take this quiz and find out if you have the knowledge of halo 3 to pass this quiz and find out if you have been listening closely to the game.

Created by: brandon

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  1. in the level cortana what does the monster say first?
  2. in the level arrival do you play?
  3. does the master chief end up living at the end of the game?
  4. how do you get recon armor?
  5. in the begining of the game is the arbiter on your side?
  6. do you like this quiz?
  7. how many kills does it take to get a double kill?
  8. which character are you the whole game?
  9. how much gamerscore can you get out of halo 3?
  10. did you enjoy my quiz?

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