Great with horses or not

Do you want to no if you no how to treat a horse care for a horse and ride a horse well this is the best quiz you might be a horses BEST FRIEND or a horses WORST NIGHT MARE well find out if you are ready for a horse or pony thank you soo much

OK now we will sea how much of a horse person you are you might be really good or really bad if you do not anser them trothfully you will not no so please do or other whys that means you are to scerd for the troth ok so now you no what to do so i hope you have fun

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you have a horse or pony
Want one
Borowing one
Hate them
like them but ant touching no horse pooh
4. do you take riding lessons or ride alote
I take riding lessons
I do ride a bit
I dont ride that much but i no how
i am not getting on a horse and hurting my self
i dont no how to ride and dont want even sea one redy to ride
i dont no how to ride but want to lern
5. do you no how to saddle up a horse and brush it for a ride
Of couse i do it most days
i do but i dont normly do all that staff
Why should i when i can get some one else to do it
I dont but i want to get to no how
I am not getting my self all dirty the horse can stay dirty
i dont no i dont go aroung horses all day they smell
6. have you ever been to a horse show
Yes i dont just go i compet
yes i do go and watch every time one is on
i have been but i hardly go to eny
why go when i can stay home or go shoping
DA i hate horses what is worse than being around them all day
What is a horse show what do they do
7. have you ever had a job with handling them like mucking out stalls and all that
yes i go every day i love my job
year i have one but it is only part time
i am looking for one
I would never get a job i have got sooo much money all ready
i am not going to be spending all my day with horses
i would not do it for the world i hate horses and hate getting dirty
8. would you give up your life for a horse you loved
OF COUSE i love horses they are my life
i would but it depends on what is going on in my life
i would but it depends on what horse
no way this is my life you are talking about i would not do it no matter how much i loved horses
I would never do that i hate horses and i have the best life ever why give that up
9. if a horse ever brook your back would you forgive it
of course he did not mean it eny way i love horses i would still forgive him if he killed me
well it depends if he ment it i would not forgive him but if he didint mean it i would forgive him
i adont do why did he do it
if he did it i would not forgive him for a long time
i would never forgive him i would get him put down
i hate horses i would never steep foot on one
10. would you ever have a horse put down if it hert its self really badly
NO just becouse a horse has a broken bone and it might never walk again that dose not mean it is useles it still might have a chance every horse is good for something
i would never let my horse go
i would becouse the horse would probly live in pain
i would it is useless it is no good for enything
even if the horse was not hert i would still have him put down
i dont care at all about eny dum horse
11. would you put an old horse down just becouse it could not be ridin eny more
of couse not i would let the horse have its best life possible it can still me a paddock maite or eat all your grass down
of couse not it is still usefull for somethings
only if it could do some staffe
Why should i keep it it is going to die soon eny way
it is an dam old hag and it has no use
even if it was not old i would still get it put down
12. if you had a horse how long a day would you spend with it
the whole day and night if i could
the whole day
as long as i could
i houer
i would get someone else to look after it
a horse you must be jokeing i would never have one in a million years

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