Grammer quiz - how good are you?

Example of grammar: Grammar is slowly changing. Sentences English speakers find normal today might have seemed strange to people 100 years ago. Some people use grammar that is different from others' when speaking. They might say, "I didn't do nothing" rather than "I didn't do anything." They usually do this because that is what is normal in their family or the area where they live.

What is a genius?: A genius is a person who is exceptionally intelligent. People may have different ideas of how clever one has to be in order to be called a “genius”. A genius may be extremely clever at maths or science or games such as chess, or they may be creative geniuses who are brilliant writers, musicians or artists.

Created by: Michelle of CyberCheetah
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1. Which is correct: alot or a lot?
A lot
2. Are scientific names italized or underlined?
3. Which is correct?: The dog wagged its tail; or the dog wagged it's tail.
The dog wagged its tail
The dog wagged it's tail
4. Which is wrong?: Your welcome; or, You're welcome ?
Your welcome
You're welcome
5. Which one is correct? T-rex, T. rex, t. rex; or t-rex?
T. rex
t. rex
6. Should God be capitalized?
If it's a mythological being
If it's a omnipotent being
7. What is a gerund?
A verb ending in -ed
A verb ending in -ing
A verb
8. What's an onomatopoeia?
A word that sounds like it sounds
A word that looks as it sounds
9. Which is correct?: The capital is a huge building; or, The capitol is a huge building
The capital is a huge building
The capitol is a huge building
10. Fill in the blank: ___ in the house.

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