How big a Dragonforce fan are you?

I like Dragonforce. Do you like Dragonforce? I think it's the best band ever and that no band can or will surpass its greatness. Do you? Probably not. It's more popular in Europe than in America, So you probably don't know about it.

BUT... if you so happen to know of these gods of Metal, then I would like you to take my test. You'll be suprised at your outcome. You will! Honest! Please go through the grammer check, stupid paragraph.

Created by: Diego
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1. Who is the lead singer in this band?
ZP Theart
Clive Nolan
Homer Simpson
2. Who is their lead guitarist?
Jimi Hendrix
Sam Totman
Herman Li
3. Who is their second guitarist?
Tom Morello
Eric Johnson
Sam Totman
Steve Vai
4. Who plays the Bass guitar for the band?
Adrian Lambert
Yngwie Malmstein
Todd Harrell
Mark Tremonti
5. Who is the keyboardist?
John Kurzweg
Vadim Pruzhanov
Howard Benson
Jamie Muhoberac
6. Drummer?
Josh Freese
Scott Phillips
Dave Mackintosh
Ryan Dusick
7. Name the Albums in order of release.
Inhuman Rampage, Valley of the Damned, Sonic Firestorm
Valley of the Damned, Inhuman Rampage, Sonic Firestorm
Sonic Firestorm, Valley of the Damned, Inhuman Rampage
Valley of the Damned, Sonic Firestorm, Inhuman Rampage
8. How many songs do they have in their albums total?
9. How many of their songs are noises made by their instruments?
10. Which of their hit singles was featured in Guitar Hero III?
Valley of the Damned
Fury of the Storm
Through the Fire and Flames
Operation Ground and Pound
11. What is featured on the DVD in the special edition of the Inhuman Rampage album?
MV's of Through the Fire and Flames and Operation Ground and Pound, "Rockumentary", and a live preformence of them playing My Spirit Wil Go On.
Interviews with all of the members, "Rockumentary", and a live preformence of them playing Invocation of Apocalyptic Evil.
MV's of Valley of the Damned and Fury of the Storm, "Rockumentary", and a live preformence of them playing Soldiers of the Wasteland.
Nothing. It's for you so you can record yourself trying to play one of their songs and winding up with an epic fail.
12. What is the name of their upcoming album?
Eye of the Tiger
Ultra Beatdown
Wii Sports
Age of Empires
13. In an interview, Herman Li said He'd been playing guitar for a number of years. How many?
He just started.
since he was born.
14. What has Vadim Pruzhanov done that is very popular?
a keyboard solo.
Make a blog on the internet.
appear in a commercial.
15. One of the Band members is not from Europe. Which one?
ZP Theart
Herman Li
Sam Totman
Vadim Pruzhanov
Dave Mackintosh
Adrian Lambert
16. Which band have they gone on tour with?
Iron Maiden
17. In the song Through the Fire and Flames, there is a certain sound they make before the solos begin. What was this sound named?
the Ghost
Break the String
the Pac-Man
the Motorcycle
18. What is happening in the MV of Through the Fire and Flames?
They are playing in the middle of an Alien Invasion.
They are playing in a dark stage.
There is a montage of battle scenes.
They are playing on a boat.

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