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Have you ever taken a personality test that put you down and told you that you were too bossy or too gaudy? Well then this is the quiz for you! Take this quiz to find out some good traits about you!

Try out the quiz and tell me what you think through the comments page or you can rate the quiz. Have fun taking it!!!!! Ummm.. thats about it so go ahead!

Created by: Kirsteen111
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You have been in a huge battle. There are wounded but the enemy is only a few feet ahead of you. What do you do?
I go over to the enemy and beat them up!!
I lead the people who arent hurt into battle!
I help the injured.
I sit off by myself
4. You have had a bad day how do you handle it?
I write a song or go outside and garden
I hit the wall as hard as i can
i sit in my room with nothing but music
i go outside and take my friends to the mall
5. You are walking down the street when you see a small kid being beaten up by a bully. What do you do?
I help the bully out!! hehe
I keep walking
I help the kid out by standing up for him
i round up some people and ambush the bully
6. You see a teen sitting by himself in the corner of an alley. What are your thoughts
I know how he feels..
I dont care really
I go over to him and talk to him
I just leave
7. There is a math project dur tomorrow what do you do?
I gather a group and start telling them what we are going to do
i do the project by myself
i ask a person sitting next to me if she woud like to do the project with me
I tell the kid in the back to do it for me
8. After school you pass by the nerd club.. What you do?
I go in there and beat them all up!
i keep walking
9. There is a food bowl out and some of your siblings are digging into it..
I push them aside, this is mine!
I grab a handful
i dont eat...
i tell them that i should eat first then they could have a bite later
10. At a party, you want to go outside to get some fresh air. You are standing next to your friends.. what do you do
politely wait till they are done talking and ask them if they want to join me
grab their hand and pull them out there!
tell them where you want to go
i dont have any friends
11. Pick a color
12. pick somewhere
somewhere dark
somewhere fun
somewhere where i can beat someone up

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