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  • I got 85% Golden personality, and the close second was a three way 78% tie between Likeable, Vibrant, and Friendly... Is this a good combo?

    JADEternal Dec 13 '16, 4:22PM
  • Your Result: Vibrant Personality

    You have a vibrant personality. Your friends love to be around you because you are outgoing, kind, and reliable, and trustworthy. You give off a warm energy and vibe making you charming and likable.

    74%Pessimistic Personality

    65%Golden Personality

    65%Friendly Personality

    64%Sharing Personality

    60%Bratty Personality

    60%Rotten Personality

    58%Likeable Personality

    Mistytail Apr 2 '16, 10:06PM
  • Golden Personality?
    Your Result: Likeable Personality


    You have a likable personality. You can sometimes be a little stuck-up and snobbish. Deep down when people get to know you your their best friend-but if someone gets the wrong impression you can be their worst nightmare.

    Vibrant Personality


    Golden Personality


    Friendly Personality


    Sharing Personality

    Pessimistic Personality

    Rotten Personality

    Bratty Personality

    Cool !
    So sweet

    oni nema Mar 31 '16, 8:04AM
  • I got 91% GOLDEN personality!

    silverkitty4000 May 22 '15, 7:49AM
  • F6

    Luckygirl May 13 '15, 9:02PM
  • i got sharing personality! great quiz! and for the spammers: SHUT UP

    mollygen5 Apr 25 '15, 2:42PM
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