Going to Heaven? Or to Hell?

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LumaDove said:
Sep 24 '17, 3:34PM

Oh my God no I got Limbo!

I'm religious! Christian! Please! Not Limbo!

Better than Hell I guess...

oni nema said:
Mar 31 '16, 10:11AM

I got heaven,
This asures me that i would be able to meet my lovely pet over there. I really miss her like crazy since 10 years :'-)

Pegasistergirl said:
Jan 16 '16, 12:16AM

And I'm going to hell and I want to go. It looks exciting.

Pegasistergirl said:
Jan 16 '16, 12:14AM

Zaxius, I agree with you, I'm a satianist to. I worship the devil.

Kira Akume said:
Dec 31 '15, 9:32PM

Yay Its hell for me is that bad?NOOOO,Its not

_JustKiwi_ said:
Dec 14 '15, 3:20PM

I'm happy that I'm going to hell. Is that weird?

CandyCrush14 said:
Oct 15 '15, 10:21AM

I miss read the ahiest... eerrrr

CandyCrush14 said:
Oct 15 '15, 10:18AM

I got heaven. 44% limbo...goodness... I try to be a gokd Christian. I can't believe what I just herd an atheist say In the chat! I dont try and force them to be a Christian... never meet them but you know what I mean. 1 Christian is now all of them. Even 100 isnt all of them.we are diffrent.

Devilish said:
Sep 24 '15, 2:19AM

Hell. Hmm. I get to stay warm. Do whatever I want. I get to express infinite freedom and gain knowledge of good and evil. Then have the ability to act on my own impulse. Plus almost everyone will join me. So down in both a metaphorical and literal way.

Babeizpink said:
Aug 14 '15, 5:31AM

JESUS IS YOUR ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN!!! If it was you and your good deeds, you'd go hell, so would I!

Swagger21 said:
Jul 7 '15, 11:32PM

Omg thank u!!!!!!!:D

Hiccstrid said:
May 22 '15, 3:05PM

I totally agree with Camelia.

Camelia said:
Dec 31 '14, 11:18AM

Hey, people, You are saved through faith in Jesus Christ, not by your works. If you have true faith, the works will come naturally. So, "faith without works is dead." And works without faith won't save you.

Camelia said:
Dec 16 '14, 8:21PM

Great quiz but this stuff doesn't have anything to do with being a Christian. Being a Christian is about having a relationship with Jesus Christ and believing in Him. We can never get to heaven by our own good deeds. It says in Ephesians that we are saved by Grace through faith, and that we can't earn salvation. It is the GIFT of God. If I tell you that I am going to give you a gift, but I make you work for it. Is that a gift?

Katezilla said:
Dec 13 '14, 4:28PM

@embeR Ikr! I'm a 'Limbo' and I'm Atheist... Well, a little bit pagan as ma mother is Pagan. DAMN ALL U CHRISTIAN'S FOR BRAINWASHING MEH!!! D:< (-_-)
@Do Not Care Are you an Atheist? Or just a massively hating of 'God' Christian? BTW, I actually agree with someone for once in my life! Heh...

Minecraft27 said:
Nov 25 '14, 8:17PM

I'm 13 and they basicly called me a idiot

Minecraft27 said:
Nov 25 '14, 8:16PM

I'm 13 and they basicly called me a bi...

Minecraft27 said:
Nov 25 '14, 8:14PM

I'm 13 and they basicly told me I'm the biggest douche

LycanFerret said:
Nov 1 '14, 10:21PM

Heil Hitler! I got Limbo! I LOVE LIMBO DARKNESS MAYBE MEIN FUHRER'S THEIR I HOPE HE IS! Deutschland Sieg Heil!

Grasha said:
Oct 25 '14, 12:58AM

Yay! I'm going to heaven!^^ But i should not depend myself to this quiz,it must be done by myself w/c follows the right way of life.

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