Going to Heaven? Or to Hell?

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Lucifer vs God said:
Dec 11 '17, 11:42AM

i will go to hell...guess lucifer won. soon we will be are there burning

LumaDove said:
Sep 24 '17, 3:34PM

Oh my God no I got Limbo!

I'm religious! Christian! Please! Not Limbo!

Better than Hell I guess...

oni nema said:
Mar 31 '16, 10:11AM

I got heaven,
This asures me that i would be able to meet my lovely pet over there. I really miss her like crazy since 10 years :'-)

Pegasistergirl said:
Jan 16 '16, 12:16AM

And I'm going to hell and I want to go. It looks exciting.

Pegasistergirl said:
Jan 16 '16, 12:14AM

Zaxius, I agree with you, I'm a satianist to. I worship the devil.

Kira Akume said:
Dec 31 '15, 9:32PM

Yay Its hell for me is that bad?NOOOO,Its not

_JustKiwi_ said:
Dec 14 '15, 3:20PM

I'm happy that I'm going to hell. Is that weird?

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