Getting to know your Pioneers

Test your knoweledge of Point Park Athletics by taking the quiz on the players, coaching staff and history of the different athletics. Many of the answers are available online but try and refuse any resources and see how good you really are! Unless your afraid to be wrong?!

Anybody gets props for their knowledge on the major schools in the country...but get yourself some info on a smaller school in Pittsburgh. Just imagine how witty you can be riding by Point Park or hearing about them in the news and being able to list off some facts from memorization.

Created by: Justin LaBar
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1. Which of the following players did NOT start on the Pioneer Basketball team that went 28-1?
Gavin Prosser
Mark Ferguson
Brad Fusco
Chivas Whipple
Ryne Liggins
Denny DiPasquale
2. Who is the only senior active player on the 2009-2009 Ladies Basketball team for Point Park University?
Ashley Henderson
Ashleigh Hays
Ashley Bergman
Brittney Wilson
Katy Auth
Heather Swedish
3. Prior to Gabe Bubon, who held the duties of Assistant Head Coach to Bob Rager and the Point Park Guys Basketball team.
Sam Kosanovich
Ed Meena
Dwight Clay
Zach Ferguson
4. Who is the only out of state(Pennsylvania) player who transfered from another school who now plays for the Point Park Baseball team?
Doug Andiorio
Brian Grise
Ryan Streno
Gino Moio
Joe Downar
Seth Martin
5. Who is the one current player at Point Park University that in the 2009 calender year will be on the active roster for 3 different sports?
Maeve Gallagher
Zoe Hughes
Rachel Roddy
Kristen Zelanka
Josh Trochio
Jesse Pesanka
6. Where does the Point Park Basketball teams play their home games at?
CCAC North
CCAC Alleghany
CCAC Boyce
CCAC South
A.J. Palumbo Center
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
7. Who was the last Professional Baseball player to have been active and gone to Point Park and played baseball?
Chris Peters
Josh Correia
Don Kelly
Dan Pomposelli
8. What year did Bob Rager start his head coaching career at Point Park University?
9. Who was the head coach prior to Al Liberi for Point Park Baseball?
Joe Schaly
Mark Jackson
Dwight Clay
Jeff Minick
10. What high school is the home to the most current Point Park guy soccer players?
Chartiers Valley
Steel Valley
North Catholic

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