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enderbrine813 said:
Jan 18 '16, 6:19PM

ACTUALLY.....just tried and finished. does not work so don't even try

Mar 17 '15, 3:42PM

you will die within 2 days if you do not post this comment to over 5 quizzes. when ur through press f6 and your crushes will appear on the screen

Hammerman said:
Jul 4 '14, 7:57PM

I'm a geography expert, this quiz a kindergartener could get correct, yea make the quiz harder, it's WAY TOO easy

Elliryanna said:
Feb 7 '14, 7:38PM

This quiz is ridiculously easy and you got a lot of the information incorrect, i.e., Niagara Falls is in America. Plus, you need to study your grammar.

ramalingam said:
Dec 26 '13, 12:09PM

i got 80 % And it is very easy

flames said:
Apr 22 '13, 4:48AM

too easy therefore boring !

vulturemonem said:
Dec 11 '12, 4:18PM

@Takara no, it's the four leafed clover.

tazemaster said:
Dec 16 '11, 5:08PM

It's a bit too easy, but all right.

andor said:
Nov 28 '11, 7:30PM

I passed the Geography quiz with a 100% accuracy for a very simple reason - I studied Geography in the elementary school in Russia. Most of the American school for some reason feel that geography is not important. As a hero of a very old Russian play says, "You don't need Geography, my dear! Your coachman knows the way."

RegorA said:
Nov 28 '11, 3:21PM

WTF does baseball have to do with geography?

geniushead said:
Nov 28 '11, 12:29PM

Your question on the capital of Australia has a problem with the code. I answered Sydney and your quiz results say I answered Canberra instead.

PML said:
Nov 28 '11, 1:53AM

That shows what you know - Niagara Falls is NOT in Canada. It's on the U.S. side of the border. Separated from that by a small island is Horseshoe Falls, on the Canadian side.

Three questions that U.S.A.ians often get wrong are:-

- The two longest rivers in North America? (They usually guess Missouri and Mississippi, but the answer is Missouri and Mackenzie.)

- Where was the first practical steam boat used? (They usually guess Fulton's effort on the Hudson, but it was actually the Charlotte Dundas on the Clyde.)

- Where was the first practical electric light bulb invented, and by whom? (They usually guess U.S.A. and by Edison, but it was actually England and by Swan - as the court case against Edison proved when he tried to muscle in.)

Takara said:
Nov 28 '11, 12:10AM

Just a small question. Isn't it the three leaved shamrock and not the four leaf clover that Ireland is famous for?

huthut1913 said:
Sep 15 '11, 10:56AM

100% fun quiz

kahlua said:
Jul 7 '11, 7:21AM

90% but knowing London will host the OG's not a sign of being smart...

doodle said:
Apr 20 '11, 7:12AM

100% HA!

EmraldYE said:
Apr 20 '11, 6:26AM

60%! can I ask the maker of this quiz if their last name is Stone?

Sims addict said:
Apr 19 '11, 10:55AM

90%! Yay i'm smart!

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