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Priya3431 said:
Jun 2 '16, 1:53AM

StephenChuang said:
Apr 4 '16, 4:54AM

My fav subject is science. I'm 13 years old only got 75% and seeing all the people my age doing infinitely better I actually suck at everything in the universe except maths. 75% is such a s---ty score...

009 said:
Dec 4 '15, 11:57AM

I am 14 years old, got a 100 percentile

Akash said:
Aug 20 '15, 8:27PM

This is a 14 year old school boy with 100%score.

IceWinterWitch said:
Jun 21 '15, 1:55PM

Hey ! I checked out the answers and I was pretty sure I clicked the more right ones ! So, I clicked the wrong ones instead and I got right . What's going on ?

I got 88% on the next try.

IceWinterWitch said:
Jun 21 '15, 1:51PM

75 % is not bad for a 14 yr old middle schooler , right ? ^_^

upyoursm8 said:
May 10 '15, 4:07PM

this is kinda depressing according to the comments, nobody got over a 75% (except me: 94% here), and some of you are proud of that by the way @mardabo: art and literature ain't gonna get you far in life.

Kulu said:
Feb 9 '15, 4:38AM

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sritam said:
Jan 29 '15, 5:08AM

today i felt that 63% is not goood ... let take an another chance.

santosh said:
Jan 17 '15, 9:45PM

gwinfrost said:
Dec 25 '14, 3:40AM


sanjna said:
May 13 '14, 8:06AM

wow!i got 56% in first attemt i thing it is dam good i would also like to see more on this .so called genius who gives these questions

DeeD said:
Mar 26 '14, 6:18PM

I want you to check on question 6 about the genotype for skin color. I thought it should be more than 3 genes

crazerainstorm said:
Jan 4 '14, 12:08PM

I got a 31 percent... i love science but im not at that science level at all or even close so i will learn it and not do drugs. i'll will come back and get it 100 percent right in a few years. so, ha.

Krimsalt said:
Sep 10 '13, 9:59PM

Good quiz. Good format and questions, but could have had more variation

shaystar21 said:
Feb 11 '13, 1:15PM

I got 38% and I'm not in high school so I don't mind, should I?

Quasar said:
Jun 1 '12, 5:46AM

75%, not too bad I guess

silverdeer said:
May 1 '12, 5:44PM

what the crap people? i got 25%, and that was because i had no clue. what the crap?

mardabo said:
Mar 12 '12, 9:07AM

I made 44 % and you called me a loser. I hated science but loved art and literature

INOV8TN said:
Mar 10 '12, 10:49AM

LOL In 1960 I scored 792 on the Physics AT (a near perfect score) but only 56% on this test. There surely has been a lot of progress since then.

Would like to see a list of the correct answers next to mine

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