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BigenderGirl said:
Jun 26 '16, 10:40AM

It says that I'm 89% Gender Neutral, Female and Male. I guess its true, my top half has always felt male every day since I was 13 and my bottom half is mostly female, being female sucks sometimes

beetle45 said:
Jan 1 '16, 12:43PM

Excuse me?! Male! I'm a girl! But true.

tonkingdragon said:
Nov 21 '15, 3:23PM

Both - 77%

I am genderfluid, I just couldn't figure out what exactly I was feeling TODAY.

quiztakergirl0 said:
Oct 24 '15, 4:39PM

both 77%
true- i am gender-fluid, haveing 3 genders- male, female, and agender

beetle45 said:
Sep 2 '15, 2:11PM

I'm a girl. And it said I'm more Male. TRUE

Jinx Blackclaw said:
Mar 26 '15, 1:01PM

It says both XD Cool quiz

Cvm88888 said:
Mar 16 '15, 11:09PM

Both... Sorry but physically that isn't correct... I think. Good try though!

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