Future Draft Pick Sports Trivia Challenge

Here it is folks the initial running of the future draft pick sports challenge!!! Check your knowledge on popular sports topics from all sports. If your a future draft pick you should know everything about the game? Show us what your workin with up top.

Are you a sports phenom, do you know everything there is to know a bout sports? Well step up to the plate! The FDP Sports Trivia challenge will push your sports knowledge to the limit. Be on the lookout for special quizzes with great superstar prize give aways!! Its easy as 1,2,3

Created by: Terry White of www.futuredraftpick.com
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1. Which Atlanta Falcons kicker holds the NFL record for most points scored?
Morten Anderson
George Blanda
Morten Anderson
Norm Johnson
2. Washington Redskins Who did the Redskins trade Champ Bailey and a second-round draft choice for in 2004?
Stephen Davis
Travis Henry
Clinton Portis
Darrell Green
3. How many NFC Western Division Championships did the San Francisco 49ers win in the 1970's?
4. In 2004, how many straight games did New Orleans Saint Deuce McAllister score a touchdown?
5. Where did the New Orleans Saints get their team name?
A parade
A stadium
A Catholic holliday
Their original coach
6. Who did the New Orleans Saints defeat 31-28 for their first-ever playoff victory?
7. What former beer truck driver signed a three year deal with the Saints in 2006?
Joe Horn
Michael Lewis
Aarron Stecker
Reggie Bush
8. Which two NBA players has David West cited as his favorites?
Tim Duncan and David Robinson
Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan
Lebron James and Shaquille O'neal
Jason Kidd and Vince Carter
9. New Orleans Hornets Chris Paul's "CP3 Foundation" awards a scholarship to which school?
University of New Orleans
Wake Forest
North Carolina University
10. Which New Orleans Hornets player was named the 2006 NBA Rookie of the Year?
Hilton Armstrong
Cedric Simmons
Bobby Jackson
Chris Paul

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