Frozen Character's Quiz: Who are you?

If you visited our blog you would find a link to this quiz. You will find out if you are Elsa, Anna, Christof, Hans or Olaf from the new disney movie Frozen.

We were inspired to make this because of our friend named Emma. She took us to the movie and we decided to make a blog with links to quizzes like this one. Have fun with the quiz.

Created by: camiandsophi

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What would describe you most:
  2. What is you favorite season:
  3. What is your favorite food:
  4. What is your favorite color:
  5. Do you like disney or universal studios more?
  6. Do you have a pet or like pets?
  7. Who is your favorite character in Frozen?
  8. Do you like your life?
  9. Do you like the light or the dark?
  10. Have you visited your blog? If not, please go to it to find some amazing movie reviews. It is called cami and sophi movie reviews

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Quiz topic: Frozen Character's Quiz: Who am I?