How many of you have Native American in your blood?

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Thread Topic: How many of you have Native American in your blood?

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I do. My great-great-grandmother on my mom's side was a pure Chickasaw, and my dad also is part Chickasaw, I just don't know how much.
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Not me but that's cool though. So do you look native American?
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Not really at all, actually. I mean, I have a smidge darker skin than most, but that's just about it.
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Only some distant Cherokee. I don't really count it since it's so small.
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I do.
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Me! I have Cherokee, Black Foot, and this other thing. I forgot the word.
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I know I do somewhere way back when, but I don't know the tribe(s). although I know it probably comes from my mom's side.

I have a lot of different peoples in me .-. I'm a mutt..
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My family says my great aunt's father was half Native American. Therefore, I probably have a tiny bit in my blood, but so little to where it doesn't really make a difference. All my half siblings are half Native American.
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I'm basically full Navajo.
I can name a couple of my tribes but naming all of them is a doosey :p
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I think I might, but like others it's from waay back and its close to nonexistent.

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