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I'm a bit obsessed with it

I used to read the manga and last weekend I finally watched the anime, binged on it

My only criticism would be that each episode essentially plays out the same, with the villain being continuously built up throughout the episode, unable to be beaten by the other heroes until Saitama comes along and beats them. Although, I didn't have much of a problem with this, however repetitious it may be. While Saitama is practically unbeatable, the other characters in the series are not, and so you do feel a bit anxious and worried for them. I really like the action in this anime, and the way they make fun of shounen cliches.

I do cringe every time Puri Puri Prisoner is on screen because I feel he's kind of offensive, but he's also a hero at the same time, and S Class. I'm not really sure if his character is homophobic or not. He's also a little rapey. He isn't that important to the story, though, and he's used mainly as a joke, so whatever.

What do you guys think?