Finish the Songs.

There are so many genres of music out there these days. A lot of songs that people don't know what the heck somebody is saying/singing. Well, this is a quiz to test you on that. I have some songs from more than one genre. Some where you have to fill in a word(s) or fill the last line or a whole line of a song in between. I made it really easy, so hopefully you'll do good!

Do you think that you can do good? It's a pretty simple quiz, so if you can't do it, I'm pretty sure you're not open to a lot of music and know their lyrics very well. But, you'll find out soon. Good luck! :D

Created by: Jaimi
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1. I throw all of your stuff away. Then I clear you out of my head...
I tear you out of my heart
I ignore all your messages
I tell everyone we are through
2. This here is on some truthful s---, seems like everything I do you're used to it &
I got to hide what I'm feeling inside
Is anything I'm doing brand new
I hate hearin stories bout who been with
3. Now she the definition of fine but I ____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ __ ____. I like the way she rock her hips....
know her body isn't better than mine.
told her that her body looks better with mine.
4. Go ahead and buy yourself a drink cause you know you're deserving of it. Go ahead and cry yourself to sleep and think...
god you hate me so bad.
how you hate me so bad.
5. I know I be makin' you them promises, then breakin' your heart again, tellin' you she ____ ____ ____ ____ then we arguin', but baby, I love you, OH.
was who she wasn't
wasn't who she was
6. You, you want nothing to do with me. You, you want nothing to do with me. I, I don't know what to do with you Cause' you, don't know what you do to me. Baby is this ___ for real? Let me in your ___ to feel. The beating of your heart baby.
7. Cause' I can't breathe when you talk to me, I can't breathe when you're ____ me. I suffocate when you're away from me, so much love you take from me. I'm going outta my mind.
8. ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, Ya ever try to get that close to me ya better come correct how ya prochin' me. dime divas give it to me, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, i gotta be feelin yo energy i gotte be for sure...
that you're into me
that it's you and me
9. Don't walk away like you always do, this time. Baby you're the only thing that's been on my mind. Ever since you've left, I've been a mess. I'll say it once and I'll leave you alone...
I wanna get back to the old days
I wanna get back to the gold ways
I wanna get back with you
10. She be jumpin up and down tryna fit that ass in - took her half an hour just to
get that belt to buckle
get that belt to fasten
11. What do you say we leave for _______, if we drive all night we can make it by the morning, and no one has to know if we decide to go oh, what do you say we leave to _____.
New York City
12. Cause I get a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs as the try to teach my house to -----.
13. By the end of the night I'ma have you drunk and throwing up & by the end of the night I'ma ...
have you so passed out
have you so phucked* up
14. Turn around, lemme lick you from yo' neck down to yo' navel, cause shawty you look ready, forget the bed i wanna lay yo body right here on the
15. tuck tuck that --- in you aint you aint iced out tuck tuck that --- in, i shine like a light house. tuck tuck that --- in you aint you aint iced out, lights on lights off i shine like a light house.

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