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  • hey i got dolphin heck ya

    WildChild2020 Dec 1 '16, 4:38PM
  • All these animals are boring, normal ones.. i don't want a cat, i want a hyena or falcon or something...

    LokiCat Jun 6 '16, 6:37PM
  • 90% WOLF, What the heck...

    KibaWOLFRAIN May 22 '16, 3:11PM
  • 88% dog

    whitewolf73 May 18 '16, 1:27PM
  • 85% dog cool

    whitewolf73 Apr 8 '16, 2:42PM
  • I got cat. COOL!

    doIneedBraces Mar 27 '16, 10:07AM
  • Your Result: Cat

    You are a loner. You don't mind being around other people when you decide to. You are sweet and you don't mind people spoiling you every once in a while.

    lakeshine Mar 25 '16, 6:38PM

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