FCCLA Trivia Questions (Novice)

There are many smart people out there, but few true FCCLA geniuses. Is your knowledge extensive enough to understand leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education?

This FCCLA quiz will test your brain power to its full extent. If you aren't completely skilled in FCCLA trivia, then this quiz will exploit that weakness to the fullest.

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1. What are the three national programs represented by state Peer Officer Teams?
A. Student Body, Families First, Community Service
B. Japanese Exchange, Families First, Dynamic Leadership
C. Financial Fitness, Student Body, Families First
D. FACTS, stop the violence, student body
2. What is the national FCCLA magazine called?
A. Teen Talk
B. Be a STAR
C. Teen Times
D. Your a Star
3. Which of the following STAR events is a national event?
A. Consumer Issues
B. Illustrated Talk
C. Family Challenges and Issues
D. Speech
4. What does STAR stand for?
A. Students Taking Action with Recognition
B. Stand Take Action and see Results
C. Students Taking Action in Reasonable ways
D. Students Mopping the Floor
5. What is the name of the Nebraska FCCLA on-line publication?
A. Teen Talk
B. Be a STAR
C. Teen Times
D. Sports Illustrated
6. What country could you visit as a scholarship winner through FCCLA?
A. France
B. Japan
C. Russia
D. Iraq
7. What does FCCLA stand for?
A. Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America
B. Future Career and Community Leaders of America
C. Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America
D. Future Farmers of America
8. Which of these is the first step in the FCCLA planning process?
A. Set a goal
B. Follow-up
C. Plan
D. Identify a concern
E. Act
9. What is the final step in the FCCLA planning process?
A. Set a goal
B. Follow-up
C. Plan
D. Identify a concern
E. Act
10. What was the original name of FCCLA?
A. FHA (Family and Homemakers Association)
B. FHA (Future Homemakers of America)
C. FHA (Family Housing Association)
D. FHA (Family Home Association)
11. Nebraska is located in which FCCLA region?
A. Midwest
B. Central
C. Pacific
D. Atlantic
12. Who is our Nebraska state FCCLA advisor?
A. Shirley Baum
B. Jan Brandt
C. Robyn Hubbert
D. Dalton Meier
13. Students in the following grades who have taken an FCS class can join FCCLA and compete in the junior division of STAR?
A. 7th – 8th
B. 6th – 8th
C. 6th – 9th
D. 6th-10th
14. Which one of the following STAR events was new to Nebraska during the 2008-2009 school year?
A. Consumer Issues
B. Promote and Publicize
C. Fashion Construction
D. Consumer Business
15. Which of the following STAR events requires the member to sew a complete outfit as part of the project?
A. Fashion Design
B. Fashion Construction
C. Fashion Sense
D. Fashion Show

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